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Adel Elseri Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 2

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Adel Elseri – Big Brother Canada (2014)

Who doesn’t love a good underdog? Adel Elseri was one good and understanding underdog who played a very silent but excellent game on the Big Brother Canada Show season 2. Yes, Jon Pardy’s nomination of Adel for eviction led to the final eviction of Adel on the BBCAN but Adel proved to be matured and understanding. He voted Jon Pardy to win the show by his right to vote as the fourth member of BBCAN season 2 jury.

Adel Elseri is a 27year old canadian who lives and works as an inventor and Welder in Edmonton, Canada meanwhile, he is of lebanese background and origin, an identity he is very proud of.

He might appear uneventful but Adel was the real player with a sense of decorum. Throughout the period of his stay on the show, He won HOH competition in the 8th week. But never won a POV.

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His loyalties remained with Ika Wong, Paul Jackson, Jon Pardy and Kyle Shore. All of whom were members of “The Outsiders alliance” except Jon Pardy. He had an initial personality clash with Ika Wong but in a short while later, they bonded and became close almost like siblings.

When Canada became head of Household and nominated Sabrina for eviction, Sabrina’s alliance crumbled. Neda picked Jon Pardy and invited Adel Elseri, Heather Decksheimer and they formed an instant alliance named “Sloppy seconds”, an alliance Sabrina later became part of out of no other choice. Well, Adel had nothing to lose since all his allies from “The Outsiders” have all been evicted one after the other.

With five houseguests remaining, the alliance broke. Jon Pardy won HOH and nominated Sabrina and Heather for eviction. Heather luckily won the POV and saved herself from eviction. As Heather replacement, Jon nominated Adel and in a vote of 2-0. Sabrina was voted to stay and Adel Elseri got evicted.

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Few months after his eviction, at an eighty-guest dinner they organised with Adel lip-syncing John Legend’s All of me, he proposed to his long-term Fiancee whom he met on Facebook, Abel Chelby. Abel said ‘Yes’ and the duo got married in Edmonton, went on to birth beautiful boys, Idris and Youni.

Adel Elseri went back into invention and invented Tongue2teeth, With his family, they run a family YouTube channel called “The Elsiri Family”. Adel is a brand ambassador to a private Health Care Supply Centre.

In August 2020, when the 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate explosion happened in Beirut, Lebanon, Adel Elseri led and organised a $10,000 gofundme for families of the first responders who died in the explosion. Adel as a firefighter used all his influence and that of the Big Brother family to campaign the gofundme and they raised a total of $10,500.

Adel is such a fine, proud and hardworking family man, he effortlessly flaunts his wife and sons on his Instagram and Twitter.

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