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Big Brother Canada Season 11 Episode 3

Big Brother Canada Season 11 Episode 3
Big Brother Canada Season 11 Episode 3
Big Brother Canada is a spinoff of the Dutch reality TV series Big Brother. The show follows the same format as other versions of Big Brother, where contestants live in a house together with no communication with the outside world as they compete for a cash prize. The eleventh season of the Canadian reality television series Big Brother Canada features 16 houseguests from all walks of life competing for a $100,000 Cash price, $10,000 towards a brand-new wardrobe, courtesy of WINNERS, and $10,000 worth of Shark and Ninja products The 16 Big Brother Canada Season 11 Houseguests who are competing for the grand prize this year are Amal Bashir, Roberto Lopez, Renee Mior, Dan Szabo, Santina Carlson, John Michael Sosa, Anika Mysha, Jonathan Leonard, Shanaya Carter, Daniel Clarke, Claudia Campbell, Hope Agbolosoo, Kuzivakwashe “Kuzie” Mujakachi, Zach Neilson, Vanessa MacTavish and Terrell “Ty” McDonald. Each week, these houseguests will compete in challenges for power and safety, compete in complex games and take on grueling challenges while voting each other out of the house. When only two houseguests remain, a Jury of previously evicted houseguests will decide which finalist will be crowned the winner.
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Big Brother Canada Season 11 Episode 3 Watch Online

Fifteen people share an isolated home and try to avoid being evicted by their housemates. If you’re in Canada, head over to to stream & catch up with the latest Big Brother Canada episodes for free. Big Brother Canada airs three nights a week on GlobalTV: Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET/PT (Head of Household), Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT (Power of Veto) and Thursday at 7 p.m. ET/PT (Eviction). If you are in the US, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere Outside Canada, you can still watch Big Brother Canada by following the same process but you’ll need to use a VPN. The best way to watch Big Brother Canada in the US or outside Canada is to connect with a VPN. One of the best VPNs I strongly recommend for streaming #BBCAN is NordVPN which is easy to use and offers a 30-day free trial.
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How can you watch Big Brother Canada Season 11 Episode 3 in the US? Here are step-by-step instructions.

  • Sign up for NordVPN
  • Log into your account and click “Download NordVPN” to any of your device.”
  • Once you’ve installed NordVPN on your device, you’re good to go.
  • Once NordVPN is set up, change your location to “Canada
  • Visit the Big Brother Canada page at
  • Create an account and log in
  • Start watching Big Brother Canada in the US! (Completely Free)
  • To watch previous episodes, visit the Big Brother Canada Video website.

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