Jared Kelser Biography – BBCAN Season 4

This reserved pretty celebrity Jared Kelser was born on the 17th of September, 1991 with a Virgo zodiac sign. He resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His mother’s name is Kathy and he has two sisters. He also has a best friend named Dan. Jared described himself as a funny, polite, and athletic being. His marital status remains single.

Jared Kelser was very tactical with moves and very good at accepting challenges. He was a pipeline worker before he entered the Big Brother Canada house. Jared Kelser is a certified firefighter and he is still going to school for a paramedics certification.

Jared Kelser – Big Brother Canada Season 4

He stated that he would buy properties and have a cabin in the woods if he had won the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Jared became much more popular on social media after the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show by having more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Jared Kelser formed an alliance with Kelsey Faith and Raul Manriquez in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Their alliance was so powerful that they were feared by most of the houseguests. Jared Kelser has been considered a threat by his fellow houseguests since he got to the house. Jared tried convincing Tim Dormer and Cassandra Shahinfar alongside Kelsey Faith that they were on their side.

At the same time, they were convincing the winners of the Big Brother Canada Season 4(BBCAN4) show, Nicholas “Nick” Paquette and Philippe “Phil” Paquette that they were also on their side.

Jared Kelser was nominated for eviction after the Power of Veto (POV) competition by Cassandra Shahinfar when she realized how much of a threat he was. Jared Kelser was evicted and became the 4th jury member. He was evicted on the 63rd day. He stated that he wasn’t shocked that he was regarded as a threat to his fellow houseguests but was disappointed that Cassandra Shahinfar was the one who put him up for eviction.

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Jared Kelser made it known that he knew Cassandra Shahinfar before they both entered the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. He also said that he has been to her house and met her mother but Cassandra Shahinfar revealed that she had rejected him many years ago.

Jared Kelser won the Head of House (HOH) title once and it was during the 2nd week of the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Another prize he has won is the Never-Not Pass. Jared Kelser also won the Power of Veto (POV) two times; that was the 6th and 7th week. He alongside Tim Dormer, Kelsey Faith and Raul Manriquez were the Have-Not on the 21st day. He was also nominated three times in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. That was the 7th week, the 9th week and also on the 28th day.

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