Meet BBCAN 5 Contestant: Dillon Carman

Dillon Carman

Dillon Carman was born on the 15th of June, 1986. He hails from Madoc, Ontario. Dillon Carman was a professional boxer before he entered the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) show. The thought of him being a boxer got most of the houseguests thinking he would be aggressive but surprisingly, he  was more calm than they ever thought. His nicknames are Big Country, The Champ and Dilly. Dillon Carman has a dog named Jake, he is a Jack Russell Miniature Schnauzer.

Dillon Carman’s loyalties in the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) show were Emily Hawkin, Karen Singbeil, Demetres Giannitsos, Ika Wong, Neda Kalantar and Mark Chrysler. Dillon Carman won the Head of House (HOH) title once throughout his stay in the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) show. It was in the 6th week. 

During Kevin Martin’s stay as the Head of House (HOH) in the 9th of the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) reality show, he aggressively used his Power of Veto (POV) against Ika Wong to take her off the show. Kevin Martin did this because of the conflict between him and Demetres Giannitsos thereby making Dillon Carman a replacement which eventually led to his eviction. Dillon Carman also won the Power of Veto (POV) once and that was in the 2nd week. 

Dillon Carman forms showmance with Emily Hawkin. Dillon Carman was nominated 5 times in the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) reality show. It was all during the 4th week. William Laprise Desbiens and his crew nominated Dillon Carman and Emily Hawkin. Dillon Carman survived the eviction anyways. Dillon Carman is available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

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Dillon Carman was placed on the 5th position after being evicted from the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) reality show. He left the reality show with a prize of $5000. Dillon Carman became the 7th member of the jury in the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) reality show.

Dillon Carman was one of the four canadian participants that was nominated during both parts of a double eviction but still managed to survive. Others were Raul Manriquez, Merron Haile and Kyra Shenker.

Dallas Carman found the Big Brother Canada house as a huge stage to speak on thereby he took the advantage to talk about mental health. “I wished there was more I could do rather than speaking about it on a show. I feel like there’s such a bad stigma on talking about how you feel, or if you are sad, it is almost like you are judged immediately. I want that stigma to go away. It’s okay to feel down and it’s not your fault to be depressed. Things happen in life and you can’t always judge a book by its cover. You don’t know what’s going on with their personal life, or what they are going through, so don’t be quick to judge, be quick to give a hug instead” Dillon Carman said when he was being interviewed after the Big Brother Canada Season 5 (BBCAN5) show ended.

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