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Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Johnny Mulder

Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Johnny Mulder

Johnny Mulder

For a long time, Canada will never forget the proudest house husband to have appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show in 2018. Johnny Mulder was not only popular on the show for being a proud house husband, he was also popular for his game tactics and his strength on the show. 

Johnny Mulder was a 28 years old househusband from Vancouver, British Columbia. He describes himself as enthusiastic, cunning and emphatic. Johnny is the kind of individual who likes fights, war, adventures and everything that has to do with survival. He said that if he was to be Big Brother, he appreciates the evil side of Big Brother, so he might be the mean and always tasking Big Brother. He also revealed that Sarah Hanlon, the winner of the 3rd season of BBCAN was his idol. He talked so much about how he would love to win the First Head of Household. As a man wished, Johnny did not only win the first HOH, he also won the first Power of Veto. 

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Johnny Mulder entered the show so focused but calm. He was playing his game just as he was to and it was almost like he was made for the game. His first mistake was when he won Head of Household and nominated Keala and Derek for eviction. AT that time, Keala had been everyone’s target but members of the Secret Three Alliance saw a bigger threat in Johnny’s existence in the house, so they blindsided him and set Keala after him. Johnny nominated Kaela. Luckily, Derek won the next POV and he used the power to remove himself from the block. Johnny then nominated Alejandra Martinez as replacement. An immediate vote of 4-1 evicted Alejandra Martinez. A twist came when the show host, Arisa Cox announced that there is a Triple Eviction for the night, so three more players have to go. The HOH competition took place immediately and Derek won the HOH again. This time he immediately nominated Johnny, Maddy Poplett and Olivia Riemer for eviction.  A vote of 3-0-0 evicted Maddy Poplett, Johnny Mulder and Olivia Riemer. Johnny Mulder was a member of the Red Room Alliance. His allies included Erica Hill, Olivia Reimer and Alejandra Martinez. Johnny did not vote during the jury phase. He had 2 HOH wins, in weeks 1 and 8, and 3 POV wins, in weeks 1, 5 and 6. 

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Johnny Mulder is the first BBCAN houseguest to ever win HOH and POV together in a week. He is also the first BBCAN Houseguest to win 3 POVs in a Season and he is the second houseguest not to use his 3 POVs in a season. Aside from his BBCAN History wins, Johnny won two special competitions with gift cards and trip rewards. He won a $5,000 Stop The Dishes Gift Card. he won a trip to London and he also won a $1000 year supply of L’oreal. 

Johnny Mulder is active on Twitter where he actively tweets about BBCAN.  

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