Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Ryan Ballantine

Ryan Ballantine

Ryan Ballantine was a contender on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 6 and he was a promising contender. As promising as Ryan was, he wasn’t able to pursue his game because the other houseguest realised and detected his game early and in no time, he was evicted from the show finishing 9th place. 

When Big Brother Canada came calling, Ryan Ballantine was a 39 years old Fire Safety Technician and Department Manager. He is married and he is from Calgary, Alberta where he lives with his wife and also works.  Ryan describes himself as sarcastic, lazy and a troll. Ryan Ballantine came on the Big Brother Show with a strategy no one has used before. He planned on finding somebody from a major opposite alliance and make him or her, his ride or die. He believed that he and his ride or die can keep playing the two sides and before their game plan will expose, it will be too late and a bit difficult for the other houseguest to work against them. For some reasons, Ryan could not follow through with this strategy when he got on the show. 

Right since he got on the show, Ryan was able to identify all the potential threats in the house and he noticed all as his first sets of targets. One of them is Olivia Riemer whom he couldn’t evict successfully and this was his greatest failure. Olivia Riemer also marked him as a target and in the week when her alliance gained control of the house, Olivia nominated him for eviction. It was like Ryan Ballantine was loved by Canada as Canada voted to save him from eviction that week. His stay caused a lot of big events on the show and it changed the game. Great Erica Hill was backdoored, smart Olivia lost control, Derek and Kesseler completely lost their dominance. However, his luck did not shine further when Deek Kesseler won the Head of Household on Day 42. Derek used the HOH power to nominate Ryan Ballantine and Johnny Mulder for eviction that week. The next competition was a Power of Veto competition and it was won by Derek Kesseler also. Derek refused to use the power and in a vote of 6-1, Ryan Ballantine was evicted from the Big Brother Canada Show season 6. He became the first member of the jury. Ryan Ballantine was the only male juror to not be on the block twice on eviction night. He had 1 HOH win on Day 27 and 1 POV win, in week 2. He was the only houseguest from that season that won HOH and POV but not in the same week. Ryan Ballantine was a member of White Room Alliance. His allies included Andrew Miller, Hamza Hatoum, Paras Atashnak and Maddy Poplett.
Ryan Ballantine now runs a podcast only for horsemen  and he also runs commentaries on Sports. He is active on both Twitter and on Instagram.

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