Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Kyra Shenker

Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Kyra Shenker

BBCAN Kyra Shenker 

Uniquely identified for the Black Hat and being Non-Binary, Kyra Shenker appeared as a houseguests on the Big Brother Canada Show season 3 in 2019 and finished 3rd place on the show.

Kyra Shenker was a 25 years old Bartender who lives a single non-binary life in Montreal, Qubec. Kyra’s BBCAN idols include Neda Kelantar from her first season and Kevin Martin because Kevi played a smart and brilliant game

When asked the most item Kyra would like to bring on the show, Kyra insisted it was a Hat. According to Kyra, the Hat was very personal because Kyra had that Hat when Kyra was moved to San Francisco and Kyra was going through a bad heartbreak. Recovering from the heartbreak, Kyra came out as a non-binary and this identity has been of a great deal of help to Kyra. To Kyra, the Hat symbolises a newer and stronger version of Kyra

Kyra Shenker all along described personality as the one who is always there for everyone while watching out for self interests as well. This might be true to some extent as Kyra did just that but this did not exempt her from being on the block a couple of times while on the show. Kyra Shenker is spicy, outgoing and funny.  Kyra went onto the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN with the strategy of not trusting people until they have over time proven themselves to be trustworthy. Kyra had plans on moving with people but giving them time in order to observe their perception of who Kyra is. “I want them to see me as an emotional support rather than a threat……being the comic relief and at the same time being the shoulder to cry on”. Kyra looked forward to aligning and being part of a group that has multiple strengths and specialties. 

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While on the show, Kyra was popular for the Dad Jokes. Kyra acknowledged that people refer to Kyra as “A walking Dad Joke”. Kyra’s weakness lies in Insecurities and having problems knowing who to trust. 

Kyra was not a member of any alliance majorly but Kyra had loyalties and they include Chelsea Bird and Smantha Picco. An interesting twist about Kyra’s participation on the show was that whenever Dane Rupert, the winner of the season, wins Head of Household, HOH, Kyra gets nominated on the block. Kyra Shenker was nominated on the block on six different occasions, week 2, week 4, Day 27, Day 55, Week 10 and Day 69 which saw to his eviction from the show. Kyra had 1 Head of Household, HOH win in Week 9 and one Power of Veto, POV win in Week 5. After Kyra’s eviction, Kyra went on to become a Jury member. Kyra finished 3rd place 

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Kyra Shenker is the first non-binary to appear on Big Brother Show. Kyra is also one of the four Canadian Houseguests to be nominated by both parts of a double eviction and survive the evictions.  

Kyra lives in Toronto, Ontario. Currently a Dad Joke enthusiast, LGBTQ and an overly proud dog step parent. Kyra is active on both Instagram and on Twitter.

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