Meet BBCAN 8 Contestant: Sheldon Jean

Meet BBCAN 8 Contestant: Sheldon Jean

BBCAN Sheldon Jean 

Sheldon Jean was the self Accomplished Professional Wrestler who appeared as a houseguest on the 8th season of the Big Brother Canada Show.

In 2020 when he featured as a houseguest, he was a 24 year old Professional Wrestler from Ottawa, Ontario where he lives with his family and built himself a great wrestling career. Sheldon believed he had the right package with his perfect combo of physical, mental and social strength. 

While on the show, Sheldon Jean displayed his physical strength and this helped him win Head of Household two times, In week 3 and 4. He had no Power of Veto (POV) win and was never nominated for eviction. Sheldon was greatly loved in the house. He had his loyalties with Brooke Warnock and Kyle Rozendal but was not a member of any alliance. 

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Sheldon Jean was also one of the houseguests affected by the sudden end of the show by the organizers due to the tragic hit of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Since the commencement of the Big Brother Canada show, every edition of the show was always aired for a period of three months plus. Due to Corona complications which made the whole world shut down all human activities in March/April, the season 8 edition was called off on the 25th day after commencement, barely making a month On Air.

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When the show was called off, everyone left in the house became a co-winner and Sheldon Jean was the last to leave the house. Sheldon was the first Candian houseguest and the second houseguest overall to win the HOH twice in a row. 
After Big Brother Canada, Sheldon Jean went back to Ottawa to resume his usual life as a professional Wrestler. He is very active on Instagram and on Twitter where he posts updates about his Matches and Tournaments and also posts pictures with friends and family.

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