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Naeha Sareen Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

Naeha Sareen - Big Brother Season 3

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Naeha Sareen – Big Brother Season 3

Talk of an extremely knowledgeable canadian lady whose appearance on the Big Brother Canada Show in 2015 poses so much threat and challenge to her fellow houseguests. The name that definitely comes to Canada’s mind is Naeha Sareen.

Naeha Sareen was so knowledgeable and smart in her game to the point that she was compared to former Houseguest Neda Kalantar. Naeha Sareen was a 29 years old Chiropractor and entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario. Her hometown is Stony Greeks, Ontario. A pre-show interview had her revealing that she is a lover of rap music and that her biggest fear is being evicted because she wants to win the show.

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Her brilliance and knowledge was not something she could hide from other houseguests. They all saw it and knew they can’t afford her staying in the house for so long. Other houseguests decided it was time for her to leave and when Kevin Martin won Head of Household in Week 3, they all agreed to send her packing.

Smart Naeha could sense the trouble looming and decided to investigate. She knew she was going to leave soon and she immediately started a crazy flip. Her intentions with the flip were to flip the house games till Kevin Martin decides she is not the person to go and he would have no choice but to name another houseguest in her replacement. Unknown to her, Kevin Martin had already made his nominations and it was also an instant eviction.

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Her flip worked but it was too late. She wasn’t given the chance to lobby for votes due to the fact that it was an instant eviction. Naeha Sareen got evicted on the 15th day making her finish 15th place on the show. While on the show, she had no Head of Household win and she had no Power of Veto win. She was a member of the Fembots Alliance. Her loyalties included BrittneeBlair, Sarah Hanlon and Johnny Colatruglio. Naeha Sareen is the third houseguest to be evicted in an instant eviction. She did not make it to the jury phase.

After the show, Naeha went on to pursue a brand in Chocolate. She is an ambassador and model for various chocolate companies. She runs a Cannabis clinic where she treats all forms of Cannabis. Naeha is still a lover of everything Fashion. She is active on Twitter and on Instagram.

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