Sabrina Abbate Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 2

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Sabrina Abbate – Big Brother Canada (2014)

Big Brother Canada show highlights clips for a long time will not air without showing clips of a beautiful Canadian breaking down and shouting “Does everyone want good f***ing Tv?, I’m gonna show you good fucking TV”.

Sabrina Abbate might truly be a physically weak player but she was definitely a houseguest with a strong force to reckon with in the Big Brother Canada show, Season 2.

Before the Big Brother Canada show in 2014, Sabrina Abbate was an infamous but talented 25 years old hair stylist and make-up artist. She is from the indigenous Canadian city of Montreal in Quebec.

On the show, Sabrina started her game greatly. Her loyalties were Andrew Gordon, Neda Kalantar, Sarah Miller, Kelly Brain and Allison White. She successfully formed an instant alliance named “The first Five Alliance”. It connotes that they were the first five to enter the house and with hopes, they will be the last five to leave.

The alliance was very successful in the first four weeks. In the first four weeks, they had influence over who goes and who stays in the house, dominations over who wins and who loses.

Sabrina’s empire started to fall apart when big brother implemented a public Head of Household week. In that week, the public became the HOH to nominate the two houseguests that will be up for eviction.

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The public nominated Sabrina and Andrew Gordons for eviction and the house evicted Andrew because he posed to be a strong player. With her alliance failure, other houseguest began to see her as a weaker player that can be defeated at the final 2. In every week she gets nominated for eviction, her co-nominee gets evicted and it went on until the final three.

On the 43rd day, she won the HOH Competition but she never won any competition in the week.

The twist came because Jon Pardy who later won the show was a close ally of Neda Kalantar. Jon had been named the HOH in that final week. With Jon Pardy, Neda Kalantar, and Sabrina making the final three, Jon is given power as the HOH to decide who makes it to the final two with him between Neda and Sabrina.

Smart Jon chose to evict his ally and best friend, Neda Kalantar and saved Sabrina for the finals. In a vote of 6 to 1, Jon Parody won the BBCAN2 with Sabrina Abbate as the runner up.

After the show, Sabrina Amanda also appeared on BBCAN6, at an HOH Competition where the BBCAN6 houseguest were tasked to mimic her most viral moment on the show in 2014 “Does everyone want good f***ing Tv?, I’m gonna show you good f***king TV”.

Sabrina Abbate is now a successful and famous hair stylist and make-up artist. She is the CEO of Sabrina’s Beauty Loft and she is social media savvy, active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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