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Sindy Nguyen Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

BBCAN Sindy Nguyen

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Sindy Nguyen – BBCAN Season 3

Sindy Nguyen is one of the few lucky houseguests of the Big Brother Canada Show who gets called back to the house after an initial eviction on the same season.

Sindy was a 25 year old Assistant Cruise Director and Pageant queen from Huntsville, Ontario. She regards herself as being Sassy and Honest. Sindy claimed that her competitive nature was what made her audition for the Big Brother Canada show. Her pet peeve is when people spell her name with a C and not with S which is the correct spelling.

Sindy was unlucky to be the first houseguest to be evicted from the showin 2015. Her eviction was as a result of her failure to gather and coordinate the female houseguests against the male houseguests.

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Sindy got back on the show on the 30th day after she won Naeha Sareen in a challenge. Her return on the show saw her in her great game. Sindy immediately got into a showmance with Jordan Parher. She was able to blindside him and even beat him to the game.

In her final week, she had lost the Power of Veto and Pilar Nemer had just won the Head of Household. Pilar randomly nominated Sindy and Brittnee for eviction. Sindy made moves to save herself and started lobbying for votes. Unfortunately for Sindy, Brittnee had more loyalties and was a member of major alliances. Brittnee was saved and Sindy Nguyen was evicted for the second and final time on the Big Brother Canada Show season 3. Throughout her stay, Sindy had no Head of Household win but she won Power of Veto in week 1. She was a member of the S.S.B Alliance and her loyalties included Sarah Hanlon, Brittnee Blair and Godfrey Mangwiza.

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After Sindy was evicted in the first week, she appeared on the fifth edition of the mini sequester and she was evicted on the 6th night. Hence, finished 6th place. She also returned for the sixth edition of the Mini Sequester. This time around, it was an all star edition. Sindy finished 13th place.

Sindy Nguyen is the first female houseguest to return to the show for the same season. Since Gary Levy from Season 1 finished at the final two, Sindy is the first houseguest to be evicted twice from the same season. Sindy Nguyen is graded as the lowest ranking returning houseguests.

Sindy now works as a flight attendant and she is now the director of a pageant show. She runs a Youtube Channel where she co-runs commentaries, analyses, predictions and talks about the Big Brother show. Sindy Nguyen won Ms. Galaxy Canada in 2018. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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