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How to Watch Big Brother Canada Online free

Watch Big Brother Canada Online free

Watch Big Brother Canada Online free

The much anticipated Big Brother Canada 8 is back and it’s another great opportunity for fans to catch a great new season of fun and entertainment

Let’s explore some of the ways fans from Canada and outside Canada can watch big brother Canada online free

Fans in Canada can easily watch the show online on GlobalTv but international fans from US and outside Canada will have to consider some other available options.

Watch Big Brother Canada season 8 online free

The Reality Series, Big Brother Canada Season 8 which is set to premiere in winter 2020 will air on Canada’s Global TV.

But at the beginning, it used to be aired on Slice Tv. Later from 2015, starting from Season 3 till now, the show has been aired on Global Tv.

Viewers in Canada

For Season 8, viewers can stream #BBCAN live on and Global GO by signing in with their TV service provider credentials or catch up the next day on and Global GO (now available on Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), and

If you live in Canada, just go to for a live stream of the Global TV broadcast. You can also watch previously aired episodes as well as the live feeds at

For easier access, you can also download GlobalTv app on Playstore and AppStore

How to watch big brother Canada in US

If you’re from outside Canada and you’ll love to watch the show then your best bet will be to use a VPN in order to access the show.

Free VPN’s (including a popular one called “Hola” which people frequently talk about) are not at all recommended. You get what you pay for (in the sense that they are usually slow, unstable and oftentimes barely work) and there is a reason they are giving them to you for free (they are using your connection to operate their VPN network.)

Top 3 VPN Recommendations

After several trials, these are the best 3 VPN I can recommend for watching big brother Canada online free.

Once you have your VPN set up and connected to a server in Canada, you are ready to use the Big Brother Canada site just as our Canadian friends would!.

Before we get on with streaming, always keep track of the time schedule by converting it to your local time and never miss an episode. The actual episodes are usually posted typically posted ~12am-3am pt the next day after they air.

More live streaming options will be added here as soon as big brother canada starts in 2020, always check back for updates

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