Big Brother Canada Season 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother Canada Season 11 – Week 1 Spoiler

Head of Household: Santina
Nominated: Renee, Dan, Anika
Canada’s Safety: Claudia
Power of Veto: Terrell “Ty” McDonald
Veto Meeting: Ty Used Veto on Anika. John Michael Sosa was Named as the replacement
Evicted: John Michael Sosa, 11-0

Big Brother Canada Season 11 – Week 2 Spoiler

Head of Household: Dan
Nominated: Hope and Renee
Power of Veto: Zach
Veto Meeting: Zach uses Veto on Hope. Dan names Rob as his replacement.

Big Brother Canada Season 11 – Week 3 Spoiler

Head of Household:
Power of Veto:
Veto Meeting: