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Terrell “Ty” McDonald Bio – Big brother Canada Season 11 Houseguest

Terrell “Ty” McDonald Bio - Big brother Canada Season 11 Houseguest
Terrell “Ty” McDonald

Biography of Terrell McDonald

Terrell “Ty” McDonald is one of the houseguests on Big Brother Canada Season 11. He is a 28-year-old Personal Trainer from Toronto, Ontario.

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Ty knows he comes off as a physical threat and has a feeling his intelligence will be underestimated. Once this personal trainer’s cover is blown as the comp beast, Ty plans to dominate the game by making alliances with the outcasts. Plus, a showmance or bromance along the way couldn’t hurt!

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Terrell “Ty” McDonald – BBCAN Season 11 Houseguest Profile

Full NameTerrell “Ty” McDonald
HometownToronto, Ontario.
Relationship StatusSingle and ready to mingle
OccupationPersonal Trainer

On his strategy going into the house, he says: Don’t be first, don’t be last. But once my cover has been blown as a physical player, dominate and pick up the outcasts as allies. Maybe even get into a showmance to make people think I’m distracted.

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Why do you think you were selected to be on BBCAN11?

Because when you need someone who’s smart, charming and athletic, and will get the job done, YOU CALL TY! I’d like to think I’m decent looking too

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you?

Not being able to tell my mom, “good morning, I love you and have a great day.”

How do you want people to remember you as a player on BBCAN?

I want to be remembered as the player who said he was going to do something and did it. A man of his word – whether good or bad.

Ty McDonald – Big Brother Canada 11 Cast Bio

Ty McDonald – Pictures

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