Why Ethan Quance was removed from BBCAN Season 9 Cast

Less than 48 hours after been announced as of Big Brother Canada Season 9 Cast, 22-year old Ethan Quance has been removed from this season cast after several allegations were made against him online.

Ethan Quance was allegedly accused of sexually assaulting a girl in high school, calling a back student the N-word with a hard R, and then beating them up really horribly.

This allegations were made on Ethan BBCAN9 Intro Video on Youtube. Read the full allegations below:

He was expelled from Malvern Collegiate Institute (a highschool in Toronto) for calling a black student the N-word with a hard and then beating them up really horribly. He later had the expulsion reversed to a suspension because his family is well connected in the community and they let him off with a slap on the wrist.

I’ve personally seen him get extremely angry and come within inches of hitting a girl who was just trying to get him to leave because the host had ended the party. One of his friends and another guy I had never met literally had to grab him and restrain him from punching the girl.

It’s also well known that he sexually assaulted a classmate of ours and she never pressed charges or told any authorities because she was so scared of his retaliation. This isn’t conjectured, plenty of us know about it but he’s too well connected to do anything about it especially since the victim has done her best to move on and put that trauma behind her.

His one single redeeming quality is that he does genuinely care about and love his sister deeply, that’s just about the only genuine thing in this video and about this guy in general. Someone send me a personal message if he breaks his leg or something in a competition would be welcome viewing for all of us from Malvern. Cheers.

The allegations was quickly followed up by an old video of him using Gay slur. Watch Video below:

Global TV and Insight Productions had to remove him and replace him after these allegations were made against him. Read Global Tv full statement below:

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Today, Global TV and Insight Productions were made aware of some significant concerns regarding an individual who has been announced as part of the Season 9 cast for Big Brother Canada.

We take this information seriously and acknowledge the impact these concerns raise for both the production and those involved.

While much of what has been brought to our attention remains unproven, we cannot proceed with casting this person and this individual will be replaced ahead of the season premiere.

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