Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: William “Will” Kennedy

William “Will” Kenny

Being smart is not always enough, sometimes you need the right connections to help you express and exploit your smart ideas and strategies. William “Will” Kenny was a smart player who was able to find the right connection in Paras Atashnak and it helped him achieve a lot on the show. However, we can’t do away with the fact that it was his same involvement with Paras that led to his eviction in the final four. 

Nicknamed Wacky Willy, Will Kenny was a 25 years old Oil Field Technician from Newfoundland & Labrador. He sees himself as tall, funny and ‘newfie’. He is a single father of a five year old child. He revealed that he had the child when he was 19 years old. Kenny once said that he would like to be the nice and caring kind of Big Brother. He also said he is the funny guy in a group. He likes to play pranks on people and joke around. 

While on the show, Will Kenny played a nice game and was smart with the kind of alliances he was a part of. Will identified the weakness and strength and he made good use of them. That was what helped him to the final four. 

His eviction came about when Paras won the penultimate Head of Household competition and she nominated Kaela Grant and Derek Kesseler for eviction and put them on the block. Note that at that time, the houseguests left on the show were just four, William Kenny, Paras Atashnak, Kaela Grant and Derek Kesseler. 

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The next competition was for the Power of Veto and it was Kaela Grant that won it. This immediately sold Will into trouble since Derek Kesseler was Kaela’s showmance and Paras Atashnak is untouchable being the HOH. Kaela Grant immediately used the Power of Veto to remove herself from the block first and nominated Will as replacement for the block. On day 64, Kaela Grant casted the sole vote to evict William Will Kenny. 

Will was a member of The Secret Three, White Room, Five’s Company and The Company. His allies were Veronica Doherty, Paras Atashnak, Maddy Poplett and Hamza Hatoum. Throughout the show, he had neither Head of Household win nor Power of Veto win, making him the only male juror that did not win any competition. However, he won a special competition in which the reward was getting a call from home. He is the only houseguest to ever have his official name changed since the start of the show. He was first introduced as William Kenny and later on, his official name, the one on his photo in the diary room was changed to ‘Will’. 

William ‘Will’ Kenny lives in Newfoundland in Vancouver and he is a bit into carpentry aside from his offshore job. He is active on Instagram.

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