Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Maki Moto


With his pretty and well treated hair like that of a Janaican, Maki Moto was also popular for being a poet and a DJ who appeared as a houseguest on the 7th edition of the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019.

When Maki Moto appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019, he was a 31 years old Poet and Disc Jockey, DJ from Toronto, Ontario.  At that period, Maki was also in a serious relationship. He described his personality as charming, laid back and open. When asked the only thing he wished Big Brother would allow him to bring to  the show, he replied it was his heart. This is because his heart has guided him up to the very point he was in life, it has helped him open up to people and it has helped people to open up. Maki noted that it is a bit sad that matters of the heart are often disregarded when it comes to Big Brother shows. Maki claimed that he was popular for his dance moves. His best trait from being from his hometown is how they are culturally dimensional, exposed to so many lifestyles and ways.

The hardest part of the show for Maki will be two things. The first is people spreading false things about him while the second is people teaming up against him all because he was just being himself. Mkai Moto’s Big Brother Canada, BBCAN idol is Paras Atshnak. Maki finds Paras a very cute person and also picked her as his icon because she won. He went on to the show with a strategy that sprung up as a result of no concrete strategy. Just like some of the houseguests both past and present. Maki intends to adjust to every scenario and event. He plans on adapting to every situation, environment, culture and every person he comes across. 

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Maki has a good heart but good hearts are not needed on the Big Brother shows. His honesty came to bite as he was the second houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada Show. he finished 14th place after his first block nomination in the 1st week. Maki Moto hsd n Head of Household, HOH win and no Power of Veto, POV win. He was evicted on the 13th night on the show.  

Maki Moto is the very first houseguest to be evicted by a tie-breaker vote in the history of Big Brother Canada, BBCAN. 

Maki Moto went back to Toronto and he is living his best life ever since.

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