Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Samantha Picco


To be on the Big Brother Canada show and hating lies or not very good at being deceptive and manipulative, to top it all, being found to easily connect with people can be a disastrous combination of personality. This is who Samantha Picco described herself as when she appeared on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN 7. 

When Samantha Picco appeared on the Bogb Brother Canada Show, she was a 30 year old Candaian living in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland where she owns and runs a beauty salon. Smantha Picco described her personality as charismatic, energetic and outgoing. 

Samantha wished she would be allowed to bring an old Tshirt that belongs to her Dad on to the show. This is because the old Tshirt smells of her dad which makes it smell like home and it will help remind her of home. If she had that on the show, she will be comforted enough to go through the show strongly. Samantha Picco mentioned that she is popular for her personality and energy. She also mentioned that the hardest part of Big Brother for her will be having to lie, manipulate and deceive people. Samantha confessed to having the ability to connect with people easily. 

Her Big Brother Canada Icon is Ika Wong who played a phenomenal game on both seasons of BBCAN that she appeared on. This is because she loves the way Ika Wong placed herself in the house as an asset to everyone. Samantha got on the show with not much of a strategy but just like her icon, Ika Wong, she hopes to place herself like an asset to everyone. She planned to take things as they come, She believed that the fact that she is good at working under pressure and perfect at adjusting to whatever she gets will help her push through on the show.  

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While on the show, Samantha Picco had a good run. She got into great friendship and she also got into a showmance with Adam Pike which turned out to be a good romance after the show. She was not identified with any alliance but she had loyalties which include; Adam Pike, Kyra Shenker and Chelsea Bird. Samantha had 1 Head of Household, HOH win on Week 5as well as 1 Power of Veto, POV Win on Week 6. Samantha Picco finished 9th place when a vote of 5 against her evicted her from the Big Brother Canada Show BBCAN 7. 

After Big Brother Canada, BBCAN, Samantha Picco went back to her salon business which she is doing pretty well for herself. She is very active on Instagram where she blesses her followers and fans with pictures of herself. 

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