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Try Getting 15/15 in This Difficult Big Brother Canada Quiz

Try Getting 15/15 in This Difficult Big Brother Canada Quiz

Big Brother Canada Quiz

Are you a Big Brother Canada superfan? If yes, then put your knowledge to the test by participating in this difficult Big Brother Canada quiz.

How much do you know about Big Brother Canada Reality Tv Show? Test your knowledge below by answering as many questions correctly as possible without looking up any of the answers!. Click the “Let’s Play” button below to begin

  • Question of

    What’s Arisa’s catch phrase?

    • The tribe has spoken
    • Expect the unexpected
    • Big Brother is always watching
    • Someone is always watching
  • Question of

    Who was the first ever winner of Big Brother Canada?

    • Jillian MacLaughlin
    • Paras Atashnak
    • Jon Pardy
    • Dane Rupert
  • Question of

    In BBCAN Season 2, when Ika Wong was given the option to share the houseguests letters from home or shred them and take $5,000, which did she choose?

    • Shred and take $5,000
    • Share the letters
    • Walked away
  • Question of

    In season 1, which jury member misunderstood the final vote resulting in her bestie losing the game by a sole vote?

    • Liza Stinton
    • Topaz Brady
    • Suzette Amaya
    • Talla Rejaei
  • Question of

    What was season 7’s all boys alliance called?

    • The Pretty Boys
    • The Irresistible Boys
    • The Hot Boys
    • The Good Looking Boys
  • Question of

    Name the siblings that played as one and went on to win season 4.

    • Peter & Tom Plant
    • Andrew & Gary Levy
    • Nick & Phil Paquette
  • Question of

    In season 7, what was Dane’s odd party trick?

    • Removing his teeth
    • Breaking an apple with his bare hands
    • Doing a Jim Carrey impersonation
    • Flipping his eyelids
  • Question of

    In season 7, Maki Moto put a __________ on the house after being evicted?

    • Plague
    • Spell
    • Curse
  • Question of

    Which Big Brother Canada season featured a heaven and hell theme?

    • Season 4
    • Season 5
    • Season 6
  • Question of

    Which alliance was season 6 winner Paras Atashnak a part of?

    • The Real Deal
    • Five’s Company
  • Question of

    Which of the following was NOT an alliance in season 3?

    • The Chop Shop
    • The Diaper Alliance
    • The Robots
    • Hexagon
  • Question of

    The Leftovers was an alliance in season 5?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    In season 4, where were international houseguests Nikki Grahame and Tim Dormer from?

    • Venice, Italy and Dublin, Ireland
    • New Jersey, U.S., and Rio, Brazil
    • London, England and Sydney, Australia
    • Lisbon, Portugal and Paris, France
  • Question of

    ______ The Moose

    • Marsha
    • Maxine
    • Marcia
  • Question of

    What Canadian network did the first two seasons of Big Brother Canada air on?

    • Slice
    • Global Tv
    • Showcase
    • Adult Swim

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