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Alec Beall Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 1

Alec Beall -Big Brother Canada

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Alec Beall – Big Brother Canada Season 1 (2013)

Alec Beall, now Dr. Alec Beall was also a former Houseguest of the Big Brother Canada season 1. Alec was living the cool life of a 27-year-old student of Social Psychology Research from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

The Big Brother Canada show saw Vancouver’s Alec Beall through a love entanglement with fellow BBCAN1 houseguest Topaz Brady, a relationship that didn’t make it past the show due to what the duo claims as ‘irreconcilable differences’. It also saw him into some friendships with a couple of independent fellow HouseGuests including Peter Brown.

Alec Beall saw himself as a strong contender in the game. He became an affiliate member of the ‘secret wedding’ alliance alongside Topaz, his showmance, who was a founding ally of the alliance. Until the last day, he had his allegiance with Topaz Brady, Peter Brown and Gary Levy.

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Alec’s undoing was on the 50th day which was one of double evictions night. This was as a result of his decision to have aided AJ’s eviction in place of Andrew’s eviction. He got voted out since he and Topaz had been blindsided by Jillian MacLaughlin who later won the show.

At the post-eviction interview, Alec Beall confessed to having made a mistake by choosing to evict AJ over Andrew and this toppled his plans for the final two.position. Alec was the first BBCAN houseguest to win power of veto and still got evicted at the jury phase. For once, Alec also won Power Of Veto but he never got to use it.

He got two have nots for three straight weeks and was one of the houseguests that did not vote in the majority at the finals. Alec however won the head of household competition once.

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After the show, Alec Beall still went on being the strong, confident, balanced but complicated person that he is. He went through with his studies in the University of British Columbia and by 2016, he bagged his phD in Experimental Social/Personality Psychology from the same university.

In 2013, months after the Big Brother Canada 1 show, Alec was said to have been in a relationship with Jojo Sparafora of Big Brother US 14. Few months down the line, Alec and Jojo came out to announce that the relationship was just a social prank and that they never dated.

Alec Beall currently works at his alma mater, University of British Columbia as a Researcher and Postdoctoral Fellow.

Alec uses the fame and social followers on Twitter and Instagram gathered from Big Brother Canada 1 to promote his social psychology cause and he is doing pretty awesome for a Canadian Doctor

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