Cassandra Shahinfar Biography – BBCAN Season 4

Personally, Cassandra Shahinfar described herself as a fun, confident and hilarious being. This cheeky attention seeker is the center of attention in her family and she is determined on finding romance on the Big Brother Canada show. Cassandra Shahinfar was born on the 14th of May, 1993 in Winnipeg, Canada with a Taurus birth sign.

Cassandra Shahinfar was a houseguest on both season 4 and 5 of the Big Brother Canada show. She and Dallas Cormier were the first Canadian houseguest to compete successively in the Big Brother Canada Show. Cassandra is a social media strategist and a marketing manager. She got married on the 29th of June, 2019.

Cassandra Shahinfar – Big Brother Canada Season 4

Cassandra Shahinfar was the only female to win the Head of House title and also the Power of Veto in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Cassandra

Shahinfar won both the Head of House title (HOH) and the Power of Veto (POV) in the 9th week; day 57 and 63 respectively.

Cassandra was attached with Loveita Adams, Madelyn “Maddy ” Pavle and Kelsey Faith as females who won the most competitions in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Her loyalties in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) shows were Tim Dormer and Joel Lefevre.

Tim Dormer entered the house alongside Nikki Grahame on the seventh day. He was evicted on the last day which was day 77 while Joel Lefevre on the other hand who is an actor was evicted from the reality show on the 70th day.

Cassandra Shahinfar alongside Christine Kelsey were the only females to win the Power of Veto on the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Cassandra is the only female veteran to be evicted pre jury. She was evicted on the 11th week (Day 72).

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Cassandra Shahinfar stated earlier that if she eventually won the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show, she would take her Mum on vacation to Hawaii since it has always been her dream to visit the place. Hawaii is one of the states in the United States of America, located in the Pacific Ocean.

Cassandra Shahinfar also made mention of buying herself some new shoes and also paying off her student loan. While she was at the house, she was able to manipulate her fellow houseguests’ votes weekly.

Cassandra Shahinfar played her game well until the 9th week (day 57) when she held the Head of House title and decided to use it against Jared Kelser by evicting him from the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show on the 63rd day despite the fact that she knew him even before the Big Brother show.

Cassandra Shahinfar was still able to manipulate her co-houseguests the week after to remain in the game. She also survived eviction against one of her loyalties, Joel Kelser in the 10th week.

The capability of her manipulation skills and her personality made her a substantial Big Brother Canada Houseguest.

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