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Joel Lefevre Biography – BBCAN Season 4

Joel Lefevre bbcan

Joel Lefevre entered the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show at the age of 33. He is an outgoing, eccentric and passionate being. Joel Lefevre is an actor and lives in Edmonton, Alberta. He has a sister who has a little boy and was also expecting another child at that moment.

Joel Lefevre shares birthday with Neda Kalantar alongside Jared Kesler. His favourite Soccer player is Zinedine Zidane. Joel is an alumni of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York. He starred in a commercial for pizza 73 in 2005.

Joel Lefevre – Big Brother Canada Season 4

Joel Lefevre Biography - BBCAN Season 4

Joel Lefevre is also the only person to get a Marsha the moose task in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Joel social game was so strong that almost all his fellow houseguests got to like him for it. He got married to Nikki Grahame in the 9th week as a task to shut down the Have-Not Room.

Joel loyalties in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show were Cassandra Shahinfar, Dallas Cormier, Lovieta Adams alongside Tim Dormer and Nikki Grahame who were international houseguests’ that didn’t appear on the show until the 7th week.

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Not until Cassandra Shahinfar and Tim Dormer teamed up to manipulate the other houseguests in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show by making them doubt the capacity of Joel Lefevre, it looked like Cassandra Shahinfar’s time was up in the house when Kelsey Faith name Joel Lefevre as a replacement nominee. Their manipulation skill worked perfectly and was sent to the jury’s house leaving four houseguests to continue with the competition.

Joel Lefevre won the Head of House (HOH) title once in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. He attained the position on the 4th week. During Joel sovereignty as the Head of House (HOH), Kelsey Faith was evicted. But fortunately for her, she got saved by the fake double eviction so she got back on the show with the votes of her fellow houseguests and left the show finally as the Runner-up.

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During Raul Manriquez’s reign as the Head of House (HOH) on the 6th week, Joel Lefevre was also nominated for eviction together with Mitchell “Mitch” Moffit but he got saved by a 5-3 vote. He was nominated three times in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. It was during the 6th week,10th week and on the 63rd day. Joel had no veto wins during his stay in the Big Brother Canada house.

Joel Lefevre was the first Head of House (HOH) to put a male on the block. By doing this, he got Raul Manriquez nominated for eviction in the 4th week. Joel also had an oxy-clean task together with Cassandra Shahinfar where they both had to wash their fellow houseguests’ clothes.

Joel Lefevre holds the record for the longest time on slope with 5 weeks alongside Brittnee Blair and Kaela Giant. Joel Lefevre took the 5th position as he got evicted on the 70th day.

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