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Gary Levy - Big Brother Canada

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Gary Levy – Big Brother Canada Season 1 (2013)

An accidental vote might have stopped Gary Levy from winning the first season of the Big Brother Canada in 2013, but it didn’t stop the ever funky and outgoing Gary from returning into the house for again and a third chance to prove himself in the fifth season.

At the commencement of the Big Brother Canada show in 2013, Gary levy was a 21 years old Canadian Assistant based in Toronto, Ontario. He had lived all his life in Canada proving to everyone that they can be different if they want to and it can be in their own way if they also want it to.

Gary Levy was the first houseGuest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada show. Luck shone on him when viewers voted that he’d be called back into the house. On second return, Gary Levy played the game well and rose to the final two alongside Jillian MacLaughlin. Jillian MacLaughlin later won by an accidental vote casted by Topaz Brady whose vote was intended for Gary.

While on the show, Gary was nicknamed “Gary Glitters” because of his confidence in glitters. At every given chance, he never hesitates to use them on himself, everyone and everything in the house. He became instant friends with Suzette, Topaz and Danielle and the trio became his intimate ally as they went on to form one of the strongest alliances of the first season of the Big Brother Canada show called “Secret wedding”.

Gary Levy recorded some instant success after the show as he went on to become a co-host of two succeeding seasons of the Big Brother Canada show alongside Peter Brown and Arisa Cox. He won the 13th position on his return to the show for the fifth season.

Gary used his gathered fame to keep spreading positivities and making social impacts being the social player that he is. He is still fearless in addressing to show his alter female personality.

In 2016, he started vlogging via his Youtube Channel GaryLevyOnline. A Youtube channel that now seems to be dormant. Gary Levy often shows up on his social media handles to post his highlights.

Follow Gary Levy on Twitter and Instagram to see his recent photos and thoughts.

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