Godfrey Mangwiza Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Originally from Zimbabwe, Godfrey Mangwiza was a 22 year old student of Psychology from the University of Toronto, Ontario when Big Brother Canada Show came calling in 2015. Godfrey is a lover of cats. Godfrey was raised by his grandmother in the UK and he moved to Canada at the age of 16.

A Pre-show interview had him revealing that he once had nine cats. However, Godfrey admits that ‘gossips’ are his greatest turn-offs and that he is never scared to confront anyone. He needed the winning prize of $100,000 to settle off his student debts and also bring his grandmother from the UK to Toronto so that they can reunite after a long time of being apart.

Most Houseguests on the show always plan to maintain a low profile but few seconds in the house, they are everywhere already. Such is not the case for Godfrey, he is one of the few houseguests who was able to effortlessly maintain a low profile as planned.

However, Godfrey ran out of luck when Zack Oleynik sensed his game and made him a target. He scaled eviction the same week Zack nominated him and he immediately built a relationship with strong allies in both Diaper Alliance and Fembot Alliance. His allies on the show include Bruno Lelo, Sindy Nguyen and Graig Merritt.

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Aside from winning the Power Of Veto Competition in week 6, Godfrey also won the Head Of Household in the final week of the show. His own first HOH reign was also the last HOH reign on the show. Godfrey confesses his personality to be Charismatic, indecisive and Crazy. He never had a mind of his own as he is always voting with the majority.

Godfrey played his game and went to the finals with Sarah Hanlon. The jury didn’t see the need for him to win the show because they claimed he didn’t play many outstanding games. In a vote of 7-2, Sarah Hanlon was crowned the winner of the show and Godfrey Mangwiza, the runner up of the BBCAN3. Godfrey might have lost the $100,000 prize to Sarah Hanlon in the finals, he also won a cash prize of $5,000.

One thing Godfrey was popular for on the show was his “always entertaining speeches”. Popular among the speeches was his Power Of Veto win in week 6. Canada’s internet had the clip top viral in that week. Aside from being entertaining while delivering speech, Godfrey was also good at throwing competitions at fellow houseguests. More like him daring them to do things.

After Big Brother, Godfrey Mangwiza appeared on The Tenran Show to talk about his life and growing up in Zimbabwe. He also discussed how his Zimbabwean background influenced and affected his game on the show. He is done with school and he is now in the Medical and Health Industry. Connect with BBCAN Godfrey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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