Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Andrew Miller

Andre Miller

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Andrew Miller appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show in 2018 but he didn’t make it far on the show as a he was evicted in the second week

Before Big brother Canada came calling, Andrew Miller was a 36 year old small business owner from Toronto, Ontario. Andrew was married to his loving partner. That made him the only married houseguest in BBCAN6. He described his personality as charming, charismatic and witty. He also talks about the fact that he talks trash too much. He revealed that amongst his friends and acquaintances, he is known for talking trash, competing and energy. He said that it’s the trash talking that makes him an interesting person. Andrew revealed that if he was Big Brother, he would be mostly messed but he would always end up making it fun. He would throw challenges at people to make him realise the kind of stuff they are made of. Sarah Hanlon, the winner of BBCAN 3 was his BBCAN idol. He went into the house with the simple strategy of being himself. 

While on the show, Ryan Balantine won Head of Household in the 1st week. He nominated Andrew Miller and Hamza Hatoum for eviction. However the plan was to backdoor Olivia Riemer with Andrew and Hamza as pawns. 

Generally, things began to get all messed up for everyone in the house when Erica Hill won the Power of Veto and she refused to use it. Houseguests were getting divided and they began to sleep based on their alliances. All houseguests were thrown in the heat and rush of trying to get a safe spot in the house. Somehow, Andrew who was still on the block didn’t get much help and a vote result of 10-0 saw him out of the Big Brother Canada Show, Season 6. Andrew Miller finished 15th place. He was a member of the White Room Alliance. His allies included Ryan Ballantine, Hamza Hatoum and Merron Haile. He had neither Head of Household win nor Power of Veto win.

Andrew Miller is on Twitter and on Instagram. He is an ambassador for a Canadian charity foundation. Andrew is a sneaker enthusiast. 

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