Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Erica Hill

Erica Hill

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Talk of being fearless and smart, Erica Hill was that fearless and smart female contestant on the Big Brother Canada Show in 2018. If not that she was stopped early enough, Erica Hill is that houseguest that one wouldn’t doubt the results even if she was secretly crowned the winner. 

Erica Hill was a 23 years old server from Pickering, Ontario. She described her personality as fun, charismatic and loyal. She also described herself as a lapdog when it comes to relationships with people. She claimed that if she was Big Brother, she would always create the most dramatic tensions of all times. She sees Ika Wong from season 2 as her Big Brother Canada Idol. in fact, she termed her love for Ika Wong as ‘obsession’. She loved the way she showed her strength and her softness. She also admires her showmance with Demetres.

Since the beginning of the show, Erica Hill positioned herself as a threat and great contender. She truly lived up to it with her strategic, physical and mental prowess. She was very fearless in making the biggest moves in the house and was nearly unstoppable. In week 4, Erica successfully backdoored Veronica Doherty. Erica Hill was on top of the game, controlling the game until Canada came in and saved Ryan Ballantine from eviction. This changed the game and in no time, Erica found herself on the block as a replacement for Ryan Ballantine. Other members of her alliance had no choice but to betray her. AT the Live eviction, she was blindside and was evicted from the show having 5 votes against her. Erica finished 10th place and missed the jury. 

Erica had 2 Head of Household wins, in weeks 4 and 5, and 2 Power of Veto wins, in weeks 2 and 4. She was a member of Red Room Alliance. Her loyal allies included Hamza Hatoum, Olivia Riemer and Johnny Mulder. She won a trip outside Big Brother house. She is the first female to win Power of Veto, she is also the first female to win Head of Household. Erica was the first female houseguest to win Head of Household and Power of Veto twice on the BBCAN6. She is the fourth houseguest to be evicted due to a twist involving Canada.    

Erica Hill is a member of LGBTQ and she is a great activist of the pride. She co-owns a YouTube Channel with her lover, Chey. she is active on Twitter and on Instagram.

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