Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant, Hamza Hatoum

Hamza Hatoum

Hamza Hatoum appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show season 6 as a prepared and knowledgeable contestant. It was more like he knew the whole game and was experienced in the game. However, this was Hamza’s first appearance on a reality TV show. 

Hamza Hatoum was a 27 years old Soccer Coach from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He describes himself as confident, athletic and humble. His BBCAN idol is Ika Wong from season 2. He revealed that he never had plans on throwing any competition while in the house. Hamza admitted that although he is a very strict person which will make hima strict Big Brother if he was Big Brother but he is also outgoing and fun. He believes that the outgoing and fun part of him will make being Big Brother entertaining.  

Hamza Hatoum found loyalty in Andrew Miller and Andrew Miller gave immunity in the first week. He also saw loyalty in Rozina Yaqub and he went ahead to solicit votes for her against Jesse. Immediately Hamza noticed that the whole house wanted Rozina out, he changed and denied Rozina. In week 2, Hamza was aware that the target has not left his back, so he asked his ally, Ryan Ballatine to nominate him alongside Andrew Miller for eviction. This is to avoid being backdoored by any other houseguest in the house. An unanimous vote saw Andrew Miller out of the show. The next game was a Head of Household competition. Hamza did his best and he saw that he won the HOH competition. He used Jesse Larson as a pawn and he nominated bith Jesse and Olivia Reimer for eviction. In a minute, Hamza changed his decisions and blindsided Jesse Larson. He refused to use the Veto on him and Jesse was voted out of the show. The next week, Hamza’s ally, Erica won the HOH competition and Hamza was saved from eviction. That night, Arisa Cox announced that it was a double eviction night. Smart Olivia Riemer who is on a revenge mission got the perfect opportunity to blindside Hamza which she did successfully. Hamza Hatoum was backdoored and a vote of 8-1 evicted himo out of the Big Brother Canada Show, 2018. He finished 12th place. 

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Hamza Hatoum was a member of The Company Alliance, Five’s Company Alliance and White Room Alliance. His loyal allies were Andrew Miller, Erica Hill, Merron Haile, Rozina Yaqub, Ryan Ballantine, Veronica Doherty and William Kenny. He had 1 HOH win, in week 3 and he had 1 POV win in Week 3 also. 

Hamza Hatoum appeared on BBCAN7 to deliver food to the Head of Household in week 3.  He competed in season 11 of the game sequester and he also competed in the second real-life edition of the show. 

On Christmas eve in 2018, his girlfriend, Carolyn gave birth to their first daughter, Zara Hatoum. He now lives in Newfoundland and can be found on Twitter and on Instagram.

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