Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Kaela Grant

Keala Grant

A sassy queen who is perfect at laying low and acting all nice in order to gain trust and loyalty of the other people. That is the kind of player Keala Grant was when she appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 6 in 2018. 

Kaela Grant was the runner up of Big Brother Canada 6. Kaela Grant was a 25 years old Wine Ambassador from Saint John, NB. She hates bully and is the type that can take all insluuts except being silenced or bullied. She sees herself as adaptable, extremely competitive and charismatic. 

Kaela is a lover and a survivor. She did all to protect her interest and her showmance interest, Derek Kesseler and she was truly competitive. She started her game with the strategy of laying low and in the 6th week when she won the Head of Household competition, Keala knew eyes were on her already and she immediately brought in her A game. She used the HOH to successfully backdoor great Erica Hill. After that, she went on to control and dominate the game with her showmance, Derek. All along, she had been targeted by Johnny Mulder since week 8 and things got out of control as a result. Since kaela knew this, members of The Secret Three alliance blindsided Alejandra Martinez hoping that would give Kaela more reason to go after Johnny. Kaela was saved from eviction due to Alejandra blindsiding and on the day of the Triple Eviction, Kaela and her showmance, Derek got back control of the house and evicted Johnny Mulder and Olivia Riemer. From there on, Kaela won every competition until the final three week. At final four, Paras Atashnak won HOH and nominated her and Derek. Kaela was able to give Paras a pound of her own flesh when she won the next POV competition and used the power to evict Paras’ ally, William Kenny. Paras won the next HOH and because she wanted just girls at the final two, she used the HOH power to evict Derek Kesseler and took Kaela with her to the final two. 

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Kaela’s lack of touch and sound connection with the jury made her a weak contender against Paras Atashnak and in a vote of 6-1, Paras Atashnak won Kaela Grant as the winner of the show placing Kaela Grant as the runner up. Only her partner, Derek Kesseler voted for her. Kaela won 2 Head of Households in week 6 and 9 and 3 Power of Vetos on day 55 and in weeks 9 and 10. She is the first female and third houseguest to win four competitions in a row. Also won the three-peat Veto and has in Big Brother History, the most competitions won by female houseguest. She is the fourth to win HOH twice. Her loyalties include Derek Kesseler, Jesse Larson and Paras Atashnak. She was a member of The Real Deal Alliance, Red Room Alliance and Five’s Company Alliance.

After Big Brother Season 6, Keila Grant appeared on BBCAN7 to deliver food to the Head of Household, She is a wine enthusiast and can be contacted on Twitter and on Instagram.

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