Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Chelsea Bird

Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Chelsea Bird


Pretty and always appearing sharp. Full of beautiful smiles and a sharp pretty face is Chelsea Bird who appeared as a houseguest on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada show in 2019.  

When she appeared on the Big Brother Canada, BCAN show in 2019, Chelsea Bird was a 30 years old Radio host from Edmonton, Alberta. When asked her relationship status, Chelsea maintained that she is just attached. She described herself as fun, funny and happy. Chelsea mentioned that she is popular for her surprising personality. She explained that when people meet her, they expect her to behave and act in some kind of way and this she feels happens due to her appearance. She has a surprising sense of humor. 

She is a cat person and she is so obsessed with Cats that the only thing she wished she had brought on the show was her cat, Tucker. Chelsea complained that she is needy and her Cat is also needy. She is very terrified and clueless as to how the three months on the show will be without herself and her cat cuddling. For Chelsea, the hardest part of being on the Big Brother Canada show, BBCAN is being aware of the fact that she is being watched 24/7. She is also terrified about the fact that she can’t remove her clothes openly or at any time.   

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Chelsea’s Big Brother Canada, BBCAN Icon includes Godfrey Mangwiza from season 3 and Erica Hill from Season 6. She thinks Godfrey Mangwiza is a great strategic player and very hilarious. She respects Erica Hill because she is an incredible player, a comp beats and a straight shooter who knows what she wants and this made Erica Hill her favorite BBCAN Houseguest. Her advantage as a Canadian from Edmonton lies in the fact that people from Edmonton are hardy, resilient and resourceful. This is because they often endure one of the harshest living conditions including bad economy, weather etc. with this, she believes she is strong enough to get through the show.

Chelsea Bird entered the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN with a mindset of not upsetting anybody from the beginning, But, she planned on being secretly manipulative, playing on both sides and even lying and cheating on other houseguests. She planned to play it secretly dirty, giving it all she can to see that she sees the show to the very end. 

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Chelsea was not given the chance to express this plan of hers as she was evicted on the 27th day. While on the show, Chelsea did not identify herself with any Alliance but she had loyalties and they included Kyra Shenker and Samantha Picco. She had no Power of Veto, POV win and has 1 Head of Household, HOH win in week 3. She was nominated for eviction just once and it was the same nomination that saw her eviction from the show in 2019. She finished 12th place as she had 8 votes against her. 

Currently, Chelsea Bird is back to her Radio Hosting and she hosts about two Radio shows. She is very active on Instagram where she shares pictures of her close family and friends with her fans and followers. 

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