Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Eddie Lin

Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Eddie Lin

BBCAN Eddie Lin

Very appearing nerdy and straight, Eddie Lin looks like one who knows what he wants and goes for it. His appearance might present him as someone who is not physically capable but Eddie Lin is worth your bet with his ideas, innovations and plans. Very obsessed with Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, Eddie Lin appeared as a houseguest on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019. 

When he appeared on the show, Eddie Lin was a 25 year old Cryptocurrency developer from Montreal, QC. Eddie Lin was single and proudly Gay. 

Eddie described himself as adventurous, intelligent and entertaining. He mentioned that a lot of people do commend that he might be one of the funniest people they have ever met. However, Eddie also acknowledges the fact that although no one laughs at his jokes, he still cracks them anyways. 

He mentioned that the only thing he wished he could be allowed to bring on toi the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN is his mobile phone which he will be using to check the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. According to Eddie, the hardest part of being on Big Brother Canada, BBCAN will be not being able to check the daily prices of other cryptocurrencies and BTC. 

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Eddie Lin;s Big Brother Canada, BBCAN Icon is Sabrina Abbate from Season 2. He saw Sabrina Abbate as a good TV, the kind of person who brightens up a TV Show programme and adds drama to it. He described Sabrina Abbate as chaotic but also very genuine. 

He got onto the Big Brother Canada Show with a well planned and appearing east to achieve strategy. Eddie Lin claimed that he plans on falsely  joining an All Girls Alliance. This is because from experience gay guys are known to be closed to Girls and this will be his cover because the girls will believe he is on their side whereas his true alliance lies with the guys. He also planned on playing dumb all through. He will not tell it to the other houseguests that he is dumb, he will only show them and make them come to the conclusions themselves. Eddie hopes that throughout the show, he would be his real self, no fake life and he doesn’t care about what people would say about his personality as a result of his actions on the show.  He believes that people from Montreal are often underrated and this will give him an advantage to win as houseguests will definitely underrate him and won’t see him striking and coming. 

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On the show, Eddie Lin had a fair run but couldn’t run further as he was evicted on the 27th day. He finished 11th place. He had no Head of Household, HOH win and no Power of Veto, POV win. Eddie was not associated with any alliance on the show and he had no loyalties. Hewas only nominated for eviction once and it was the nomination that led to his eviction. On his eviction night, a vote of 5 against 0 saw him out of the show.  

After Big Brother Canada, Eddie Lin went on about his normal life and he is doing pretty well for himself.

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