Meet BBCAN 8 Contestant: Rianne Swanson

Meet BBCAN 8 Contestant: Rianne Swanson

BBCAN Rianne Swanson

“A social butterfly that would have no problem maintaining a persuasive game”. That was Rianne Swanson when she appeared as a houseguest on the 8th season of the Big Brother Canada Show. 

When she appeared on the BBCAN show, Rianne was a 29 year old Operating Room Nurse from Chetwynd, British Columbia. Rianne opened up to have always had some form of interest in TV even as a young girl. After she had her BSc from the University of British Columbia in 2013, she went on to work as a Nurse for a period of 5 years after which she quitted her job to pursue her interest in TV.

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Rianne auditioned for the BBCAN Show and she was selected. While on the show, Rianne was also on her A game. In week 3 when she was nominated for eviction, she played well and was saved. She had no Head of Household (HOH) win and no Power of Veto (POV) win.

Rianne Swanson was also one of the houseguests affected by the sudden end of the show by the organizers due to the tragic hit of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Since the commencement of the Big Brother Canada show, every edition of the show was always aired for a period of three months plus. Due to Corona complications which made the whole world shut down all human activities in March/April, the season 8 edition was called off on the 25th day after commencement, barely making a month On Air.

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When the show was called off and she was announced as a co-winner alongside 11 others, Rianne Swanson went back to her nursing profession. She is mostly seen around friends and family, her twin sister especially. 

Interestingly, Rianne Swanson has a Twin sister who is also a Nurse. Rianne is active on both Instagram and on Twitter.  

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