Meet BBCAN8 Contestant: Susanne Fuda

Meet BBCAN8 Contestant: Susanne Fuda

BBCAN Susanne Fuda

Canada will never forget the petite face Suanne that graced their screens in 2020. Susanna Fuda was one of the rare milk beauties that appeared as a houseguest on the season 8 edition of the Big Brother Canada show in 2020.  

When she appeared on the show in 2020, she was a 24 years old corporate recruiter from Vaughan, Ontario in Canada. She described herself as “the petite firecracker that plans to rely on her social skills at the start and then pulls out the comps as she gets further in the game”. 

Susanna was not given the full time to prove this to Canada when a world tragedy hit in March. 

She was one of the houseguests affected by the sudden end of the show by the organizers due to the tragic hit of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Since the commencement of the Big Brother Canada show, every edition of the show was always aired for a period of three months plus. Due to Corona complications which made the whole world shut down all human activities in March/April, the season 8 edition was called off on the 25th day after commencement, barely making a month On Air.

Susanna played fair with the little time given. She was part of the first four voted safe by Canada in Week 1. Susanna had good bonds with few other houseguests but her major loyalty was with no one. She was also not a member of any alliance. She did not have any Head of Household (HOH) win nor any Power of Veto (POV) win. 

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Weeks after the show was abruptly called off, a social media feud ensued between herself, Minh-Ly, and Angela Tackie. Minh-Ly took her Instagram page to accuse both Susanna and Angela of hating on her. Angela Tackie never responded to the allegation but Susanna clapped back and asked Minh-Ly to respectfully stay in her place.

Susanna Fuda is still active in her corporate job, she has a Dog that means a lot to her. Susanna is active on both Instagram and on Twitter

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