Nicholas Paquette Biography – BBCAN Season 4

Nicholas Paquette the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 4 was born on the 13th of May, 1995 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with a Taurus birth sign. He became the youngest Big Brother winner ever at the age of 20.

The 4th season is the longest season to date. BBCAN4 had a special twist as it featured brothers from the same mother. He participated in the show together with his brother named Philippe “Phil” Paquette. They both featured on the show acting as one houseguest but were interchanged weekly.

Nicholas Paquette – BBCAN Season 4

Nicholas “Nick” Paquette and his brother Philippe “Phil” Paquette won the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) Season 4 show and went home with an Oxiclean prize package that worths $10,000 and also $25,000 gift card from the brick each.

Nicholas Paquette & Philippe Paquette
Nicholas Paquette (left) and Philippe Paquette (right)

He studied criminology at the university before being on the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) show and he is so passionate about cars that he even instigated an eponymous YouTube channel for automotive how-tos (Car maintenance) in 2016. He enjoys intense and thrilling activities that generate an adrenaline rush. In other words, he can be called an adrenaline junkie or an adventurer. He is also a part-time poet.

Nick remains the youngest winner of the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) show at age 20. He was the first houseguest to win the first power of veto (POV) of the season and not avail himself on it. He also won the Head of House (HOH) alongside his brother, Philippe “Phil” Paquette three times; the 8th week, the 63rd day (the 9th week) and also the 71st day (the 11th week).

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He and his brother, Philippe “Phil” Paquette were the third houseguests to win Head of House (HOH) after Loveita Adams and Madelyn “Maddy” Pavle who were evicted on the 35th and 56th days respectively. They were also the only males to hold the Head of House (HOH) title multiple times in the season.

Nick was the first to attain the Power of veto (POV) and the position of the Head of house (HOH) within the same week. In the history of Big Brother Canada (BBCAN), Nicholas Paquette alongside Ashleigh Wood, Emmelt Blois and Jon Pardy were attached together as the second winner of the largest Power of veto (POV) in the season.

Tim Dormer who entered the house alongside Nikki Grahame on the seventh day was an antagonist of Nick. Tim is an international houseguest who resides in Sydney, New South Wales. He works as a TV and radio presenter. His age on entry was 31 and he was evicted on the last day which was day 77.

Nicholas Paquette was nominated just once in season 4 of the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) show. He and his brother won the game over by a vote of 7-2 against Kelsey Faith who is a flight attendant and bartender. She entered the house at age 25 and she is also the runner-up.

The two brothers, Nicholas “Nick” Paquette and Philippe “Phil” Paquette left the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) house with $50,000 each and were both judged winners of Season 4.

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