Raul Manriquez Biography – BBCAN Season 4

Raul Manriquez who resides in Calgary, Alberta was born in the year, 1995. He was a fashion stylist before he became a contestant on the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show.

Raul was known for his confident & flamboyant personality inside the house. For the first half of the game, Raul played quietly. However, he soon developed close bonds with fellow houseguests and together they formed The Third Wheel Alliance.

Raul Manriquez – Big Brother Canada Season 4

Raul Manriquez’s loyalties in the house are Jared Kelser and Kelsey Faith. Kelsey Faith is Raul’s best friend. The two best friends were nominated so they could break them just because they were seen to be very loyal to one another.

Raul was nominated again for the second part of the fake double eviction because he was seen as a bigger threat amongst the three of them, Raul Manriquez, Jared Kelser and Kelsey Faith. He still survived it and wasn’t evicted. Raul was the first male to be nominated for eviction and still strived to survive the eviction in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 show.

After it was discovered that the double eviction was fake, Raul Manriquez became more of a solicitor for the return of one of his loyalties in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show, his best friend to be precise, Kelsey Faith. Raul was able to achieve his aim of returning his best friend, Kelsey Faith back into the Big Brother Canada house.

Raul Manriquez and Kelsey Faith planned the eviction of one of their fellow houseguests, Mitchell “Mitch” Moffit. Raul and Nikki Grahame were the only contestants of the Big Brother Canada to be nominated during both parts of a double eviction in the competition. It was discovered that Raul was always being nominated in weeks where he was a Have-not.

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Raul Manriquez was also the first Canadian participant to survive both parts of the eviction while being nominated. The other Canadians that survived this phase after Raul are Dillon Carman, Merron Haile and Kyrn Shenten.

Raul Manriquez won the Head of House (HOH) title once in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Raul Manriquez won the Head of House (HOH) title in the 6th week. He was also nominated three times in the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show. Raul Manriquez was nominated in the 4th week, 7th week and on the 28th day. He won no Power of Veto (POV) throughout his stay in the house.

Raul Manriquez was the first contestant of the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show that would ever go from being the Head of House (HOH) to being on the block the following week. This happened to Madelyn “Maddy” Pavle also. Raul got evicted from the Big Brother Canada Season 4 (BBCAN4) show the same week he was on the block. He entered the Big Brother house on the very day the show started and got evicted on the 49th day.

Raul Manriquez went away with the 10th position and was sent to the jury’s house making him the 2nd member of the place.

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