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Tera Gillen-Petrozzi Bio – BBCAN9 Houseguest

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi - Big Brother Canada

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi Biography

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi is one of Big Brother Canada Season 9 houseguests. She’s 37 years old spin instructor from LaSalle, Ontario.

Tera believes her big personality and determination make her a perfect fit for Big Brother Canada Show. According to her, she’s not afraid of going after what she wants and she genuinely tries to make the best of any situation.

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She wants to be remembered as the first mom and oldest houseguest to ever win Big Brother Canada. This free-spirited married mom of two is ready to show women and moms everywhere that it is never too late to follow her dreams to become the next BBCAN winner.

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi – BBCAN Season 9 Houseguest Profile

Full NameTera Gillen-Petrozzi
HometownLaSalle, Ontario
Relationship StatusMarried with children
OccupationMom/Spin Instructor

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi tells viewers she’s got a lot to offer in a little package, describing herself as “loud, energetic and tiny.”. A personal accomplishment she’s most proud of is becoming a spin instructor at 37.

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On her Strategy going into the house, she said: “If the houseguests think I’m a super positive, vertically-challenged mom having a mid-life crisis, perfect! The less threatening I appear, the easier it will be to walk away with the cash.”

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi – Big Brother Canada 9 Cast Bio

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi – Pictures

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