Meet Big Brother Celebrity Québec Season 3 Contestants

Big Brother Célébrités Quebec Season 3 is finally here and the 16 celebrity housemates have been revealed, they will be filmed 24 hours a day as they try to create alliances and avoid eviction in order to win the third season of Big Brother Celebrities.

After two successful celebrity editions, the 3rd season of the show scheduled to air in the winter of 2023 is finally here. Here’s everything you need to know about Big Brother Celebrity Québec Season 3 Contestants.

The format of the show follows the American celebrity version and the Canadian English version. Celebrities must use strategy and their psychological, physical, and social skills to win events and thus avoid eviction. On eviction night, celebrities will cast their vote to evict one of the nominees.

In the end, the one celebrity remaining will be crowned the winner. The winner will pick up prizes consisting of a Cadillac Model car, $25,000 in cash, and another $25,000 donated to the cause or charity of their choice.

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Big Brother Celebrity Quebec Season 3 Contestants

1. Alexandre Despatie

 Alexandre Despatie

Triple world champion, and winner of 2 Olympic medals, Alexandre Despatie is the most decorated male diver in Canadian history. At just 13, he became the youngest medalist in Commonwealth Games history, earning him a Guinness World Record.

After retiring from sports, Alexandre plunged into the media world where he is now a sports commentator and host. In his athletic career, Alexander had to overcome several serious injuries but always got back on the springboard even stronger.

Will he be able to add the Big Brother Celebrities championship title to his impressive track record?

2. Anas Hassouna

Anas Hassouna

Anas Hassouna climbs the ranks of the world of humor with the ease and laid-back attitude that make him unique. Invited to present numbers in several ComediHa and Just for Laughs galas in recent years, he can also be seen as an actor on the small screen.

Headlining the web series “Les fleuristes”, you can also follow Anas in the popular CLUB SOLY series on Noovo. Relaxed but determined, will Anas’ sense of humor help him navigate the social contest that is Big Brother Celebrities?

3. Benoit Gagnon

Benoit Gagnon - Big Brother Celebrities
Benoit Gagnon – Big Brother Celebrities

Originally from Saguenay, host Benoît Gagnon has been working on TV and radio for several years. Discovered thanks to the morning show “Salut Bonjour” for which he won 2 prizes, Benoît then hosted several shows on V Télé.

Father of 3 children, businessman and Canadian car racing champion, he combines projects in addition to hosting “Ben le week-end” on the Rouge FM network. Ben hangs up his microphone for an indefinite time with the very specific goal of reuniting with him with the Big Brother Celebrities season three championship title.

4. Coco Belliveau

Coco Belliveau - Big Brother Celebrities

Originally from New Brunswick and a graduate of the National School of Humor, Coco Belliveau is a comedian, actress, and rapper. On stage, we can see her doing stand-up and theater but also Battle-Rap.

A spokesperson for the last Lesbian Visibility Day, Coco uses her humor to fight prejudice and homophobia. Finalist of the first season of NEXT STAND-UP, will this proud Acadian reach the final of Big Brother Celebrities?

5. Jemmy Echaquan Dube

Jemmy Echaquan Dube - Big Brother Celebrities
Jemmy Echaquan Dube – Big Brother Celebrities

Actress, director, activist, and streamer, Jemmy Echaquan Dubé is known for her roles as Méli in Tout la vie and Daisie in Fugueuse.

Atikamekw of Manawan, she is the spokesperson for the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Youth Network and uses her popularity to educate the public on Indigenous cultures and also to raise awareness of her Nation on its rights.

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Gamer in her spare time, will Jemmy be able to stand out in the life-size game that is Big Brother Celebrities?

6. Jeremy Demay

Jeremy Demay - Big Brother Celebrities
Jeremy Demay – Big Brother Celebrities

Jérémy Demay is the most Quebecois of French comedians. Settled in Quebec since 2005, he has charmed the entire province both on stage and on television. With more than 200,000 tickets sold in his career, Jérémy has just launched his third one-man-show Naturel. 

Also an author, he has sold more than 150,000 copies of his personal growth books, including the very popular La list e and multiple bestsellers. At 6-foot-6, it’s safe to say Jérémy is one of Quebec’s greatest comedians, but will he be up to Big Brother’s game?

7. Korine Cote

Korine Cote - Big Brother Celebrities
Korine Cote – Big Brother Celebrities

Discovery of the year at the 2012 Just for Laughs Festival, comedian Korine Côté has had a string of stage, television and radio projects since graduating from the École nationale de l’humour in 2006.

Her two one-woman- show “Mon show” and “Gros plan” enjoyed excellent critical success. The one we saw in the cinema in “Maria” and on TV in “The next 5”, “The guys of views”, “Piment fort” and “Direct dans le net” co-hosted her first Just for Laughs gala with Laurent Paquin. 

Her famous Milk Rush against ‘The Pimps’ won her Olivier for Comedy Number of the Year Far Away From Any Tech, Will She Win Big Brother Celebrities?

8. LeLouis Courchesne

LeLouis Courchesne - Big Brother Celebrities

Initially an improviser with an impressive record, LeLouis Courchesne is also an actor and comedian. Multi-starred player of the LNI where he has played for more than 10 years, he is champion in all categories of the famous Punch Club street-impro league.

On TV, we have seen him in Main Entrance, CAMPING DE L’OURS, Les doubleurs and CLUB SOLY. Funny, spontaneous, and a chameleon, LeLouis will certainly have no trouble finding allies in the Big Brother house, but will his allies lead him to victory?

9. Liliane Blanco Binette

Liliane Blanco Binette - Big Brother Celebrities
Liliane Blanco Binette – Big Brother Celebrities

Graduating from the National School of Humor in 2021, comedian Liliane Blanco-Binette is enjoying a strong start in the world of humor thanks to her immense popularity on the web. A real phenomenon on TikTok, his humorous videos have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views.

On television, we have seen Liliane in LE PROCHAIN ​​STAND-UP, From one laugh to another and the COMPLÈTEMENT LYCÉE series. An excellent improviser, will Liliane be able to use her acting talents to hide her alliances and betrayals in the game?

10. Marianne Verville

Marianne Verville - Big Brother Celebrities
Marianne Verville – Big Brother Celebrities

Discovered in 2009 on the big screen in the main role of the popular book series Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme by India Desjardins, Marianne Verville has since chained roles on television and in cinema. 

Tactik, Helping Beatrice, District 31, The Cradle of Angels, and Cerebrum are some of the projects where we have seen her evolve. Marianne is also the host of the shows À fond de train and Comme dans l’espace, for which she was nominated at the last Gémeaux awards gala. 

How will the one we saw growing up on television manage in a game filmed 24/7?

11. Marie-Christine Lavoie

Marie-Christine Lavoie - Big Brother Celebrities

Designer, entrepreneur, animator, designer, producer and artist, Marie-Christine Lavoie is the designer of the stars.

For eight years, at the helm of her show DESIGN VIP on Canal Vie, she transformed rooms and brought her design touch to 200 Quebec personalities. She is the designer of her own collection of furniture which is handmade in Indonesia.

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In addition to her popular show DESIGN VIP for which she was nominated for the Gémeaux Awards in 2019, Marie-Christine also hosted the shows PARTY VIP and LA MAISON DE MAXIM LAPIERRE. How will this designer do in the colorful house of Big Brother Celebrities?

12. Martin Larocque

Martin Larocque - Big Brother Celebrities
Martin Larocque – Big Brother Celebrities

Whether in the shoes of Hercules in Virginia or the villainous Donald Welsh of District 31 , Martin Larocque marked the small Quebec screen. Mastering both comedy and drama, we have seen him in more than twenty series over the past 30 years.

Also a speaker and author, Martin received a medal from the National Assembly of Quebec for his significant involvement with families in need. Also an auctioneer, will Martin be able to negotiate through the twists and betrayals of Big Brother?

13. Mona of Grenoble

Mona of Grenoble - Big Brother Celebrities

Mona from Grenoble has been on the boards of Drag cabarets since 2012, but it was during the 2nd season of PROCHAIN ​​STAND-UP where she made it to the final that Quebec was able to appreciate the full extent of her scathing humor.

A partygoer, Mona knows how to make people laugh in every possible way; stand-up, improvisation, animation, lipsync, roast… but it’s her legendary repartee that sets her apart.

Whether in her show My first heat or her podcast Between 2 lips, she surprises and picks up. Confident and exuberant, will Mona make her way to the Big Brother celebrities finale?

14. Naila Louidort

Naila Louidort - Big Brother Celebrities
Naila Louidort – Big Brother Celebrities

A professional actress for only three years, Naïla Louidort has accumulated the main roles in several prestigious series. We could see her in All life, Chaos, CAMPUS, The fault, The red bracelets, and 5th rank. 

At only 21 years old, her artistic CV is more than impressive. Also a model and former basketball champion, Season 3’s youngest celebrity is putting her prolific career on hold in a bid to win Big Brother Celebrities.

15. Natalie Choquette

Natalie Choquette - Big Brother Celebrities
Natalie Choquette – Big Brother Celebrities

Multilingual soprano Natalie Choquette has made it her mission to combine her charming humor with her talent for opera. A true international diva, she has sung in front of more than two million spectators all over the world, has published a dozen children’s books and recorded twelve opera albums.

Knight of the National Order of Quebec, Natalie has lived in Peru, Italy, the United States, Russia and Japan, among other places. Mother of Florence K, Ariane and Éléonore Lagacé, will Natalie be able to bring back the victory that slipped into her daughter’s hands in the final last year?

16. Zoe Duval

Zoe Duval - Big Brother Celebrities

With 400,000 subscribers and 14 million likes, Zoé Duval is one of the most popular Quebecers on TikTok. Co-founder with Camille Felton of the Festival Émergence, he creates entertaining content on his social platforms but also uses his popularity to talk about the issues of the LGBTQ+ community.

A former figure skating champion, Zoé has the athletic, social, and mental skills needed to win Big Brother. Will he be able to use them strategically?

There you have it, all 16 big brother celebrity québec season 3 participants. Do you have a favourite already? If yes do let us know in the comment section below.

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