Brittnee Blair Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Nicknamed Queen B, Brittnee Blair had hoped she wouldn’t have to stab anyone in the back in order to win the show, but just as the saying goes, “Man proposes, God disposes”. With her appearance presenting her as a potential Pawn, Brittnee Blair did not only stab her fellow houseguests in the back but with her HOH Wins, she was also instrumental in dissolving a lot of coalitions such as majority alliances, showmances and also friendmances.

Before Big Brother Canada came calling, Britnee Blair was a 25 year old plus-size model from Alberta, Calgary. For a period in her life, she lived in New York, United States.

All through the show, her loyalty was with Sarah Hanlon whom she formed the powerful Fembot alliance with. Brittnee claims to hate “high maintenance people” and she also describes herself as funny, energetic and outgoing but in the real sense, Brittnee is the actual definition of “Sassy” and “Queen”.

She is known to always save the day when things are going south. Two of her notable acts in the house include when she was able to successfully convince Bobby to execute the other side of Jordan. At another time, she successfully coordinated a coup d’etat that dethroned the reigning HOH.

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She was a member of the dominant Fembot alliance, Hexagon alliance and SB alliance. Her allies include Naeha Sareen, Sarah Hanlon, Sindy Nguyen, Johnny Colatruglio and Godfrey Mangwiza. She won Head of Household competitions three times in a row and had no power of veto wins. She is the first female to win all the types of HOH consecutively. The full week HOH, Double eviction HOH and the triple eviction HOH Week 3, day 43 and day 63.

Her undoing came on the 66th day. In that week, Ashleigh Wood was lucky to have won the Power Of Veto competition and seeing Brittnee Blair as a potential winner if taken to the final two, Ashleigh casted the sole vote to evict Britnee Blair. Brittnee is the first houseguest to go straight from being HOH to being evicted. She is also the first female to win HOH and won the next two HOH competitions making her the most HOH Winner of season 3. Brittnee is the first female houseguest to cast a tiebreaker vote. She is also the first houseguest to plan and execute a coup d’etat against a sitting Head of Household.

After the big brother show, Brittnee Blair went back to being a model and fair enough, she is doing very well for an ex-houseguest who was on the Big Brother Canada Show. She can be found on Twitter and on Instagram.

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