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Pilar Nemer big brother canada

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Ever wondered how far being charming and having a bubbly personality could take you?, take a break to read about Pilar Nemar on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 3.

Nicknamed Pili Peels, Pilar Nemer is that bubbly and charming individual who was a 22 year old college student and cheerleader from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Although, she is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Pilar has nine siblings consisting of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. At her pre-show interview, Pilar revealed that she hates boring people and people who take life too seriously.

It is safe to say that the reason Sindy Nguyen nominated Pilar for eviction in the first week was that she saw Pilar as the type of houseguest that will get to be people’s favorite, should she stay long on the show. Little did Sindy know that Canada had accepted Pilar since her first diary session. Canada voted to save Pilar from eviction and Pilar went on to finish 5th place

Pilar Nemer was a member of the Diaper Alliance, an alliance she formed with Ashleigh Wood. Her loyalties included Kevin Martin, Ashleigh Wood and Zack Oleynik. She got into a showmance with Kevin Martin. She won one Head Of Household Competition which was in week 6 but she had no Power of Veto win. Pilar’s undoing began in Week 8 when her safety in the house meant an automatic eviction for her showmance, Kevin. Eventually, Pilar was saved and Kevin got evicted. Pilar had no choice, she moved close to Ashleigh Wood and they became members of the Diaper Alliance.

All along, Brittnee Blair had been seeing Pilar as a target and at her next HOH win, Brittnee Blair casted a tie-breaker vote at the first double eviction. The tie-breaker vote evicted Pilar Nemer from BBCAN3.

Pilar Nemer is the first Mexican on the Big Brother Canada Show and she is the first houseguest to be evicted by a tie-breaker vote. After BBCAN5, Pilar Nemer and Kevin Martin dated but went apart in mid 2017.

Kevin Martin appeared on the Big Brother Side Show and after the Side Show, Kevin and Pilar came back together as lovers. On May 3, 2018, Pilar Nemer appeared on The Taran Show to discuss her early life and what it was like watching Kevin on the Big Brother Side Show.

Currently, Pilar Nemer lives in Calgary, Alberta and she is into fitness. She runs an online fitness platform that is free for all fitness enthusiasts. The platform gives out free workouts sessions online. Pilar Nemer is also social media savvy and can be reached on both Twitter and Instagram.

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