Graig Merritt Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Graig Merritt – BBCAN Season 3

Although he’d never agree that he was a bully, Graig Merritt is no doubt named the worst bully to have ever appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show. During his media rounds, Graig never admitted that he ever bullied anyone on the show. In fact, he still maintains the fact that he is nothing but passionate and emotional while on the show.

To him, he believed Johnny Colatruglio accusing him of being a bully in the house was just a game card. Graig however mentioned that he doesn’t see that as a fair card to pull but he is okay with it since there are no rules in Big Brother’s house

Before big brother came calling, Graig Merritt was a 36 year old professional baseball coach and scout from Pitt Meadows. Graig mentioned that he so much enjoys YogaAT entry into the house, he revealed to Arisa Cox that he intends to lie about his age and his profession to his fellow houseguests. He revealed that he auditioned for Big Brother Canada Season 2 but he couldn’t go for the castings because he was involved in an accident. Graig says he is passionate, emotional and real. He had featured on the Slice TV Show but he wasn’t lucky to find love.

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Graig Merritt was a bully on the show, he got into immediate conflict with other houseguest due to his paranoia and brash behaviour. This was the main reason Graig’s eviction came early. He was in an immediate enmity with Naeha Sareen, Johnny Colatruglio, Sindy Nguyen and Sarah Hanlon. Although his alliance did their best to save him, they couldn’t do more.

His eviction event started when Brittnee Blair from another alliance won Head of Household and nominated both Graig and Bobby Hlad for eviction. Meanwhile, Bobby Hlad and Graig Merritt were both members of the same The Chop Shop alliance. The situation was too tight for his alliance and since he was a player who was a big target already, they decided he was of no use any longer and he was voted out. Graig Merritt finished 14th place.

Graig was given the chance to go back on the show only if he wins the endurance competition against Patricia ‘Risha’ Denner, Naeha Sareen and Sindy Nguyen. Unfortunately, Graig and every other houseguest in the competition lost to Sindy Nguyen.

Graig Merritt had neither Head of Household win nor Power of Veto win. He was a member of The Chop Shop Alliance and his loyalties included Bruno Lelo, Bobby Hlad and Godfrey Mangwiza. Graig Merritt went back to his normal life after the show. He can be reached on Twitter where he mostly tweets about Big Brother and other Reality TV shows.

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