Johnny Colatruglio Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Johnny Colatruglio – BBCAN Season 3

Jordan Colatruglio was the loyal dog that was always lucky to be saved from troubles. But the more loyal he was, the more troubles he got into. However, his loyalty was to a fault as it was the same loyalty that led to his eviction from the show. No wonder he did not use up to five weeks on the show.

Jordan Colatruglio was a 26 year old IT Project Manager from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has been a fan of the Big Brother Show for a long time. He revealed that his love for the show made him name his dog Veto. Johnny watrned that he always clashes with dumb blondes and he hates messy people.

On entry into the show, he formed an immediate bond with Kevin Martin and Naeha Sareen. At first, he encountered troubles as a result of his loyalty to Naeha Sareen as he was made a target even before Naeha got evicted. He had no choice but to m=become a member of one of the minority alliances in the house. Brittnee Blair won Head of Household and somehow decided to save him from eviction. He was saved and this made him an automatic loyalty to Brittnee Blair.

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In that same week, he won the Power of Veto which he used to save Kevin Martin. He went on to support Brittnee Blair to backdoor Graig Merritt and this act successfully evicted Graig Merritt from the show. Bruno Lelo won Head of Household and finally had the opportunity to put Sarah Hanlon and Johnny on the block. It was a no-choice situation when he was betrayed at the Power of Veto competition and although he still tried to lobby for votes, he did not get any and he was evicted from the show on the 28th day, finishing 13th place.

Johnny was a member of the Hexagon alliance and his loyalties included Naeha Sareen, Sarah Hanlon, Bfrittnee Blair and Kevin Martin. He had no Head of Household win but had one Power of Veto win in week 3.

Johnny was given the opportunity to come back and he participated in the return challenge but he lost to Sindy Nguyen. Johnny is a lover of dogs and he can be found on Twitter and on Instagram.

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