Jordan Parhar Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Jordan Parhar – BBCAN Season 3

Guess it is safe to say that Jordan Parhar was the one who experienced the most epic and painful betrayal on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 3. Not only that, he faced an act of group revenge even after being evicted. Jordan Parhar was voted out of the jury by the houseguests.

When he auditioned for the show, Jordan Parhar was a 21 year old student from Cloverdale, British Columbia. He revealed that his initial intention was to publicly act like McLoving but secretly, he will be like Frank Underwood. He sees himself as someone who is impulsive.

On entry into the show, Jordan quickly formed a secret 2 man alliance called Newport Alliance. He formed an alliance with Zack Oleynik. Little did he know that his ally, Zack Oleynik was never going to aid him in times of trouble. The Newport Alliance’s mission was to manipulate both sides of majority alliances in the house. Jordan and Zach pretended to be members of the two alliances and they worked to pitch the two alliances against each other in such a way that in the end, the two of them will be safe to the final two.

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Things were moving fine as planned until Zach won Head of Household and Jordan volunteered to be a pawn and he was put on the block against Godfrey Mangwiza. Volunteering to be a pawn was Jordan’s biggest mistake on the show, one that led to his eviction both on the show and as a juror. Zach refused to use his HOH power to save Jordan, this exposed the duo’s secret alliance and the other houseguests were angry at such sneaky intentions.

Angry Brittnee Blair used her secret coup d’etat to save Godfrey and voted Jordan out of the show. He finished 12th place and won a jury seat. Even at that, the final three, Sarah Hanlon, Godfrey Mangwiza and Ashleigh Wood voted him out of the jury. Jordan was nicknamed JP by Canada and viewers were disappointed at the outcome of his seemingly well-strategized game.

He had no HOH win and no POV win. He was a member of the Newport Alliance, Diaper Alliance and the Fortress alliance. His loyalties were Zach Oleynik and Kevin Martin. Jordan is the first houseguest to have his jury vote nullified and he always voted with the majority. He was the only male juror to not win any competition.

Not much has been heard of Jordan Parhar since after Big Brother Canada show in 2015. He is on Twitter his where he states that he is now an elementary school teacher in an African Country.

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