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Kevin Martin – BBCAN Season 3

Kevin Martin was first a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 3 before he became a houseguest on the show in season 5 where he got his worldwide recognition as a result of winning Big Brother Canada Season 5.

Kevin Martin was a 22 year old Professional poker player from Calgary, Alberta. His pre show interview had him revealing that he has intentions of lying to other houseguests about his real life occupation.

Talk of being sneaky and unreadable, Kevin Martin played those features very well in the game. He was very difficult to read and had a loquacious and secretive gameplay. Kevin had a good way of presenting himself as matured and understanding. By this, other houseguests thought him to be very secretive and they all do reveal their secrets to him but, Kevin never for once, revealed any of his secrets to any houseguest.

Kevin Martin encountered a brief challenge when his laying low strategy nearly got him exposed to being targeted. In week 2, Kevin won the Power of Veto competition and all eyes were on him. He decided to divert the attention from himself by pretending to be in a showmance with Pilar Nemer. However, it only did little as some players still saw the need for him to go and this is because of his membership with The Diaper Alliance. Kevin Martin was unexpectedly evicted from the show on the day of the triple eviction.

Kevin was a member of both the Diaper Alliance and The Fortress. His allies include Pilar Nemer and Jordan Pahar. He had 2 Head of Household wins, week 3 and week 7, and two Power of Veto wins in week 2 and week 7. He is one of the first houseguests to be evicted due to the Triple Eviction. Kevin and William Macpherson were the first houseguests to be evicted without any vote cast against them. He’s also the first BBCAN3 houseguest to have won HOH in a day and be evicted the same day.

After the show, Kevin dated Pilar Nemer between the periods of 2015-2017. Kevin Martin appeared on the Big Brother Side Show and after that, he got back with his lover again, Pilar Nemer. For the second time, Kevin appeared as a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada show season 6. He also appeared on the BBCAN 6 as part of the “Night in the Museum”. He alongside other ex-houseguests visited the final three houseguests of the BBCAN6 to speak to them.

On November 20, 2017, Kevin appeared on The Taran Show to talk about his life experiences after winning BBCAN5 and also about his girlfriend, Pilar Nemer.

In 2020, Kevin competed in the Big Brother Side Show but he was evicted early and finished 14th place. Kevin went back to Poker and he is now an official sponsor and streamer for GGPOKER. He is still dating his lover and his girlfriend Pilar Nemer. He can be found on Twitter and on Instagram.

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