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Photo’s of Big Brother Celebrity House

Big Brother Celebrity House

View Photos and Video of Big Brother Celebrity House. The production finally unveiled the photos of the sublime home where the houseguests will live during the coming weeks.

About Big Brother Celebrity Quebec

Big Brother Célébrités will premiere on January 10 at 9 pm on Noovo and will be hosted by Singer Marie-Mai.

Big Brother Celebrity Quebec is set to launch this week with a number of local celebrities entering the Big Brother House and living together, 24/7 under the watchful eye of the cameras just like Big Brother Canada.

The players will be cut off from the world and try to create alliances that will lead them until the end of the game. To survive, they will have to use strategy, win various games. events and establish relationships of trust with other players since each week, players will vote to oust one of their own from the house. At the end of 13 weeks, only one will be selected winner by the eliminated players. 

Photo – Big Brother Celebrity House

The Living Room 


The kitchen 

The Bar 

The Boss Suite

The Gym

The Lounge

Video- Big Brother Celebrity House

Photos credit: Noovo

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