Willow MacDonald Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Willow MacDonald – Big Brother Canada Season 3

Her stay might have not been full of many highlights on the show in 2015, but Willow MacDonald was that goofy and full of energy lady that appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show season 3 in 2015. Willow MacDonald was a 26 year old sales Rep. She was born in Nova Scotia and later moved to Calgary, Alberta.

Like someone affected by Sugar Rush, Willow was always full of hope and energy and she sometimes served as a source of strength to other houseguests, or so she made them believe.

At the commencement of the show, Willow was a member of The Chop Shop alliance and it went on until she started suspecting that she is at the bottom of the alliance hierarchy. This is dangerous as she can get evicted even in the least expected time. She then went on to form a secret bond with Sarah Hanlon.

In their bond, Willow was the news finder while Sarah was the master planner. Willow would go around feigning loyalty with all the individual houseguests. Somehow, she was able to deceive them all that she had their backs and at every time, they all used to tell her their plans. Willow takes all the information she gets from other houseguests and relays them to Sarah who makes good use of it to protect herself and Willow on the show.

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In week 7, there was a punishment and reward competition in which Willow won a reward. The reward was that Willow will write a letter to the jury. A letter that will be read on the final day if she makes it to the final 3. Unfortunately, Willow did not make it to the final 3.

Little did Willow know that her best buddy Sarah Hanlon will be the one to betray her. On the day of the Triple Eviction, Sarah Hanlon’s other loyalty, Brittnee Blair became reckless and nominated Willowfor eviction. A twist in the triple eviction had it that Willow MacDonald needs three votes in order to be saved from eviction. She was favored and she got two out of the three votes. Happy Willow was relaxed that she was safe since the last vote to save her was with her best buddy, Sarah Hanlon.

Disappointedly, Sarah refused to save Willow as she did not cast the vote. This led to Willow MacDonald’s eviction from the Big Brother Canada Show season 3. Willow had no Head of Household win and she had no Power of Veto win. She wasn’t a member of any alliance. Her loyalties included Sarah Hanlon and Jordan Parhar. Willow was the only BBCAN3 female juror who didn’t win any competition and the second houseguest to be evicted without any vote cast against them. She is the first female to be evicted in a Triple Eviction.

After Big Brother, Willow came out on her sexuality and since then, she has been an activist of the LGBT. She promotes LGBT on all her social media pages and including her YouTube Channel. Willownow lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and can be found on Twitter and on Instagram.

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