Bruno Lelo Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 3

Bruno Lelo Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Bruno Lelo – Big Brother Canada Season 3

Bruno Lelo was a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Show season 3 in 2015. Before the show, he was a 31 year old construction worker from Ottawa, Canada. His pre-appearance interview presented him to Canada as being very optimistic about the fact that he is capable of manipulating his fellow houseguests on the show.

Bruno Lelo hates bullying and also dislikes arrogance. Bruno is a blackbelt in Karate and classifies himself as a world-class gamer.

While on the show, Bruno was indeed good at manipulating people. He was able to successfully surround himself with the big targets in the game. These big targets in turn are his shield and cover. His notable game skill is his “under the radar manipulation” technique.

When a situation arises that a big target needs to be saved, Bruno will rise to the occasion to save the big target in order to buy the favor of the big target who will in turn be obligated to protect Bruno and his interests on the show. An instance was when he used his Power of Veto to save Zach Oleynik. Meanwhile, Zach Oleynik became a generally agreed target when he betrayed his ally, Jordan Parher.

The favor buying strategy saw him to a far mile on the show but his cowardice led to his end on the show. Bruno was known to always chicken out quickly when things are not going as planned. He repeated the same thing and had an argument with his alliance member, Sarah Hanlon and Brittnee Blair of Fembots alliance.

At that time, Brittnee and Godfrey Mangwiza were on the block. Bruno won POV but he still chickened out and used his POV to save Zach instead of a member of his alliance. Unknown to him, Brittnee had won a ‘coup d’etat power’. Feeling betrayed, Brittnee removed Ashleigh as Head of Household, saved herself and Godfrey Mangwiza from the block and nominated Bruno and Zach as block replacement. A unanimous vote of 4-0 saw the eviction of Bruno Lelo from the Big Brother Canada Show season 3.

Bruno Lelo was a full member of just one alliance, The Chop Shop alliance and his loyalties were Bobby Hlad, Godfrey Mangwiza and Graig Merritt. He had one Head Of Household win which was in week 4 and he had 2 Power of Veto wins which were in week 4 and Day 49. Bruno Lelo is the first BBCAN houseguest from Ottawa and is the first houseguest to win POV during Triple Eviction. Also, Bruno is the second houseguest to be evicted from a Coup d’etat.

After Big Brother, Bruno Lelo appeared on the show in season 5 for a second time. Bruno went online and ventured into side hustles online. Currently, he owns an online streaming platform. He also owns a Youtube Channel where he runs commentaries on Big Brother shows. He can be found on Twitter.

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