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Bobby Hlad Bio; Big Brother Season 3

bobby hlad big brother season 3

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Bobby Hlad – BBCAN Season 3

In a way, Bobby Hlad might have stood out among his fellow houseguests but it was not because he was such a heroic houseguest with major highlights. Bobby Hlad stood out because of his soft-hearted nature. Bobby Hlad was so soft that all it takes a person to convince Bobby to change his plans doesn’t take more than a convincing face and soft reassuring words.

Bobby Hlad was a 27 year old rock climbing instructor from Oakville, Ontario. When Bobby is not working as a rock instructor, he is busy managing his family business. One can say that Bobby has a soft spot for classy sports. He also enjoys Yoga and surfing. Bobby sees himself as crazy, spontaneous, and fun. In his pre show interview, Bobby admitted to having at one time gone to a swinger resort with a girlfriend. He also stated that he intended to win all the Head of Household competitions.

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While on the show, Bobby did not fail to express his soft side. He failed to realize that Big Brother is a show that needs the hard part of him. Canada criticized Bobby for being the player with one of the weakest strategies on the show. He was always clueless and unaware of true happenings in the house. Other players easily manipulated Bobby on several occasions.

In his final weeks, Bobby pulled the greatest stunt of his appearance on the Big Brother Canada Show. Bobby lied to other houseguests that he had a Secret Veto. By this, other houseguests will not nominate him for eviction because he is bound to escape eviction and that is just a waste of nomination. Bobby was lucky for a while until the crazier Kevin Martin called his bluff and nominated him on the block that same week.

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Since there was no secret Veto anywhere, Bobby Hlad was voted out of the Big Brother Canada show on the 49th day, the 7th week. He was a member of the Chop Shop Alliance. His loyalties were Bruno Lelo and Graig Merritt. Bobby Hlad had no Power of Veto win but he had a Head of Household win and that was in week 2.

After the Big Brother show, Bobby went under the radar socially and he is seen living a cool and simple life with his girlfriend, Maddy Popplet. Maddy Popplet was a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Show season 6. He owns a YouTube Channel called MrBobbyFun. Bobby can be found on Twitter and on Instagram.

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