Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant Madeline “Maddy Poplett

Madeline ‘Maddy’ Poplett

Madeline Maddy Poplett was that beautiful lady that appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show season 6. Although Maddy Poplett might have not had any major wins in the house but she showed her competitive prowess and smart brain. 

Maddy Poplett was a single lady from Pttawa, Ontario where she works and lives as a bartender. Maddy Poplett describes herself as vengeful, manipulative and passionate. Maddy believed that if she was a Big Brother, she would be the Big Brother with a sense of humor. Maddy is a lover of Cats. She was nicknamed Cat Whisperer on the show. 

Maddy went to the show with a lot of planned strategies and getting into a showmance was one of them. However, Maddy couldn’t get herself a showmance but she was able to push herself to the final five. 

While on the show, Maddy Poplett was a member of The Secret Room Alliance and White Room Alliance. Her allies were Paras Atashnak, Willian Kenny and Veronica Doherty. She had neither the Head of Household nor Power of Veto win. She got to the final five and in that week when Kaela won the Head of Household, she nominated Maddy for eviction. Maddy was unlucky not to have won any competition to save herself and on the 62nd day, Kaela refused to use her Power of Veto and in a vote result of 2-0, Maddy Poplett was evicted from the Big Brother Canada show. Maddy is the only BBCAN6 houseguest to be nominated twice in the jury phase. She also faced eviction twice in which her second lock was the one that led to her eviction. 

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After the show, Maddy Poplett started a showmance with Bobby Hlad from season 3. The duo are still very much in love till date. In July 2018, Maddy appeared on The Taran Show to talk about her life after the season and her desires for getting on the show. In April 2020, Maddy appeared and competed on the Big Brother Canada versus Big Brother US mini of sequester. She originally finished 12th place but she came back as part of the buyback and at her return, she finished 7th place after she was voted out. She is into marketing brands like Evogreekkitchen. 

Maddy Poplett is active on Twitter and on Instagram.

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